Before the long drought, we had a lot of swans nesting and breeding in the rivers and on the ponds where the rivers widen.

There was one year when the Canada Geese tried to drive the swans out of the pond by attacking their nest and destroying their eggs. In the end, the swans drove the geese away and laid more eggs, resulting in seven babies that grew to full size.

Protecting the nest — Incoming geese and nesting swan

In the end, despite the greater mobility of the geese — not to mention their great numbers — the swans drove them away. For reasons I’m sure someone else can explain, swans and Canada geese really hate each other, but everyone and everything absolutely loves the ducks.

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  1. Beautiful sketched! With seven pups the swans will be very busy over the next time. Are there furthermore no attacks of the Canada geese? xx Michael


    • As far as I know, the swans “own” the pond and the geese have to live on a different pond. Mind you we have so many ponds and little lakes and streams, there’s no shortage of nesting areas for swans OR the geese. But they don’t like each other, so the war is ongoing, even though it makes no sense.

      That sounds rather human, doesn’t it?

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  2. Love these sketches.


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