Fandango’s Provocative Question #166

So. Do you figure our thoughts and prayers are working on the violence thing? Are you also sending thoughts and prayers to the children who are afraid to go to school because they might get shot?

Do you feel President Biden’s plea to act and to do something to stem the rising tide of gun violence in the U.S. have any impact? Or will lawmakers at both the federal and state levels do nothing more than offer their useless “thoughts and prayers,” which is all they ever do?

As long as our elections are for sale to the highest bidder — the NRA has been a high bidder for a long time — nothing will change. Not common sense, compassion, love, prayer, or legislative proposals.

Our elections aren’t fair or free. They are for sale to the highest conglomerate bidder. It’s gone past “individual” voters. It’s all big business and until there is election reform, nothing will change because the people who would make the changes are the people benefitting from the current laws.

Make no mistake. Almost everyone on both sides takes donations and the bigger the better. Maybe some are supposed to be on the same side as you, but then again, maybe they aren’t on anyone’s side but their own and whoever is the primary funder of their campaign.

The money comes from nameless sources. Huge money that also funds gas, oil, guns, and war. Whatever you think is destroying your world? Those monster corporations are the ones doing it — and they are buying our elections. They will keep buying them until we wake up from our collective national coma. If we can. If it’s not too late.

IF we wake up from this coma before “life as we know it” is gone or we wind up in some weird version of a civil war where instead of sides, we have shooters armed with assault rifles randomly mowing people down because they hate the world and probably themselves. Those nut jobs will murder people because they are in a rage and have an empty hole where compassion and love should be. Maybe, like Johnny Ringo in “Tombstone,” they hate the world because they hate having been born into it.

Will this world of rage and violence be where you want to live? Is it the world where you want your children and grandchildren to live? Good questions with no answers.

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  1. Well put. As to Fandango’s question (which I answered at length on my own post), “hopes and prayers” have become platitudes. Mouthed by someone like POTUS is obviously good press or publicity, but that dim wit has enough power to DO something and yet he makes a plea that the public get up and do what we’re not allowed to do, have a say in important issues like gun control. So ‘thoughts and prayers’ I suppose is all that is left. It’s not enough because there’s no action behind it anymore. Personally? It can be of comfort to the platitude spewer. I grab hold because I know there is literally nothing else I can do.

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    • Really, the president does NOT have the power to do something. Yes, Trump did stuff, but it was not legal, not constitutional, and often just plain wrong. The problem with Democrats is that they really DO believe in doing things according to our laws. They can’t do what the others do because if they do that, they are no better than those people. I’m not even sure they are capable of betraying their allegiance the way the GOP has.

      On the OTHER hand, we — the people — are caught in the middle as we have been for a long time. I’m not sure we’ll ever find a way out.

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  2. You’re right. It’s all about money and power. And that’s destroying America.


  3. This is a messed up country


  4. It does seem strange that there are so many shootings in the US and people are still allowed to buy guns
    Doesn’t seem like anything changes

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