I haven’t been taking bird pictures because my orchids are in the way of my windows. I don’t have a lot of usable windows with which I can work and most of them are currently covered with orchids. So, until the orchids fade, bird photograph is limited to if they are in a window through with I can take a picture.

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  1. These are pretty pictures even if they were taken through a window.


  2. Love the little goldfinch at the end!


    • Those were really cute little Goldfinch. I think that last one was still a baby without full adult feathers and without the black mask of an adult. But after that, they grow up so fast. It’s just weeks from baby bird to ready to breed.


  3. Both of them are so beautifully captured.


    • I miss the flat feeders, but we had to make some choices about feeders and how much food we can afford to feed them. The price of bird seed has gone really high, like everything else. But we’re on a fixed income, so we had to make some changes. One was to take down the flat feeders, put up a couple of hummingbird feeders (no feed required, so they are inexpensive to manage) — and overall, feeding them less. If the prices ever come down, we’ll rethink it.


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