I have been flummoxed by Photoshop for years. I use it, but I’ve never quite figured out more than a very limited amount of its potential. But today, I really needed to cut out images and paste them onto clean backgrounds. It doesn’t have anything to do with the drawings which are okay. It’s that I took the photographs of the drawings in poor light and the backgrounds looked ugly.

As the Duke slept, I drew his picture. What the Photoshop clipping missed was the edge of his tail.

I did it. There’s still a step I’m missing, but I was able to select the images and paste them on a clean background. It was more successful with the Goldfinch than the Duke because the Duke’s edges were more complicated for Photoshop to read, but I got most of it.

This flying Goldfinch came out exactly the way I intended except for realizing thicker or rougher paper absorbs color.

One of these days, I need to get my little table lights set up. They are still in their original boxes. I need to clear space on the dining room table so I can set them up. It seems to me no matter what I have to do, there are always a bunch of other things I have to do before I can do what I’m planning. Sometimes, I just give up mumbling: “Tomorrow is another day!” And so the lights remain in their boxes.

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  1. I love the goldfinch in flight.


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