The cleaning lady came yesterday. She watered the plants on the deck (we don’t water the garden), fed the birds the last of the seeds, watered the orchids inside and anything else that looked dry, made a fresh batch of dog food, and then, finally swept and washed the kitchen floor. She’s a very inexpensive cleaning lady, too. All she needs is to put her feet up when she’s done.

Much as I love hummingbirds, we will either have to find somewhere else to put the feeders or give up feeding them. That sugar water was an open invitation to an invasion of 🐜 ANTS.

I hate 🐜 ants.

I cleaned them off the deck as best I could, but we’ll have to get the ant guy to come. Ants tend to show up in the spring anyway, and in particular, right about now. We got rid of them for three years in a row, but the hummingbird feeders brought them back. Yesterday would have been a perfect early summer day except for the ants. Did I mention I hate 🐜 ants?


Has anyone ever tried to scam you?

Who hasn’t? I got one this morning supposedly from UPS saying we need to confirm our address. But the link wasn’t a real UPS address. It said “” I would have figured it was a scam anyway because they delivered twice yesterday. I don’t think they lost us overnight.

What’s the best thing about parties?

Not having to give them and rarely attending one. I was never much of a party goer at any point in my life, but I gave really good parties. Then, one year, I realized I was tired and didn’t feel like entertaining the masses or, for that matter, cleaning up after them. I think that was the same year everyone decided to give up party-making. I think we had all just turned 30-ish. We had kids, we were working. Party time ended with a thud.

Do you listen to people’s advice if you didn’t ask for it?

Sometimes. If it sounds like something that would help me in some way, I’ll give it a try. Well-meant advice from people who actually know something is usually worth listening to. It might not work out for you, but sometimes there’s a worthwhile suggestion in there.

Why is it impossible to spell funeral without fun?

It’s only fun in English. If you spell it in Cyrillic, Chinese, Arabic, or Hebrew, the fun disappears. Apparently it’s only fun in English.

How was last week for you?

It was an okay week. Not fantastic, but could have been worse. I didn’t feel well much of the time, but I got through it and feel a whole lot better today. My ear stopped hurting and that hissing dropped to a very low level.

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  1. “Scammed”?? How about School? It definitely had value as an experience, but most of what I was taught was useless.
    “Best thing about parties”? Not being there. I’m sociable, but I don’t do the Party thing.
    “Listen to advice I didn’t ask for.”? Yes, Because sometimes the voice is from a higher level.
    “Funeral”? Before they changed to uplifting memorials I never attended.
    “My Week”? Enlightening. I discovered some Spiritual things I need to work on and pay attention to.


    • I never thought of school as a scam, probably because I learned quite a bit, though not necessarily what I expected. Mostly, I thought of school as a ticket to get me to a better job than I could get with just a high school diploma. It accomplished that. I had a few great teachers from whom I learned a lot, many mediocre and bad teachers through whose classes I slept.

      My real education came from books. I don’t know how anyone learns anything if they don’t read.


      • My parents taught me nothing. I had no life skills when I left home. None. I didn’t how to look for a job, drive a car, open a bank account … NOTHING. It took me 20 years to learn stuff I should have known before went the door. School never taught me any of that either. Whatever I am, I’m definitely ‘self-made’.


  2. I hate ants too, especially those tiny ones that always seem to appear at the first sign of warm weather.


    • We get those tiny sugar ants AND we get the big black ones that eat wood, though they don’t eat wood the way termites eat it. We’ve had a couple of really BAD years when we came into the kitchen in the morning and there were millions of ants EVERYWHERE. It was awful. As soon as I saw that the hummingbird feeders were attracting ants I said “UH OH!” The deck is right off the kitchen so it was an invitation to all the ants to come on in! We’ve only had a few, but when you see a few, you just know there are more. Usually a LOT more.

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  3. Ants are very annoying.


  4. Thanks, i have learned so much again. I fully agree with the ants. I masses, and this is their behavior, they are annoying. They are only my wish for our neighbours. Lol Have a nice day! xx Michael


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