One sunny day, a snapping turtle catches some rays

It’s fun to go back and look and pictures taken just a couple of months ago, notice how the population has changed with the seasons.

Dove awaiting his next feed

Right now, the flowers are dominating where I usually take pictures of birds.

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  1. Marilyn, these photos are amazing. I particularly love the Cardinal, dove, and squirrel. I don’t want to hijack this post, however, I wanted to share that over two weeks ago I was diagnosed with cancer. After a battle with Covid I became very very sick (a pain I wouldn’t wish on anyone). I was in the hospital for 5 nights. A mass of 9 cm long on pancreas, 9 lesions on liver, metastasized to two lymph nodes, skull, spine, hip, and pelvis. I’m beyond surgery but will begin Chemo pills on Friday. It’s a slow growing pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor/cancer that is a slow growing tumor (grade 1) but the cancer is stage 4 since it’s metastasized to other organs. I’m still processing. The Red Cross helped bring my sons and families home for emergency leave for two weeks to be with me as I begin my “new normal”. I hope you and Gary are doing well. Take care. 💛


  2. HI Marilyn, I have never seen a turtle in real life. Amazing pictures.


    • In the spring, along the river, you can see thousands of them. Little tiny ones and big ones, Most of the little ones won’t survive, but in the spring, as soon as it gets warm, they come up to sit in the sun and they absolutely cover the rocks all along the river. I’ve seen it, but I wasn’t able to photograph it because I just didn’t have the right lens. But it’s an amazing sight.

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