This is one of my favorite birds. Not only is he beautiful, he’s artistic. I often think he looks like a flag. The random white patches on his dark wings — either dark navy or black — look like stars and his chest is red and white. We’ve seen more of them this year because they are nesting nearby. This guy was almost a baby when I first took his picture, but now — a month later — he’s almost full-size.

Rose-breasted Grosbeak

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  1. What type of bird is this? You did a wonderful job too bye the way


  2. Beautiful! Beeing honest i know when it has two wings and flies its a bird. Lol Okay, i know the name of three or four species of birds. 😉 Best wishes, Michael


    • I didn’t know anything, but when I was in my late teens, my sister-in-law was a serious birder. She took me out on a couple of excursions and made me curious about birds. Many years later when I moved here, there were so many birds, I finally bought a bird book and started — with my granddaughter who was just 9 or 10 back then — to identify birds and write down when we first saw it. Later, as this ecological crises started to get really ugly, I started feeding them. By then, I had a bought a new book because birds change their patterns depending on where they can find a place to live — IF they can fine one — and joined a birding group online. Eventually, I began giving what little money we have to spare to the Cornell Ornithological group because when you have very little money, you need to give what you can to whatever place you think will make the best use of it.

      It took years to learn what I know — and there’s so much I don’t know. I gather information however I can. It adds up.


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