I hate ants. Not because of the damage they do, which isn’t usually very much or even their nuisance-value, which is at a very high level. It’s that they are so invasive. They don’t just stroll into your home, a couple here or there. They set up front lines. They march into your home by the millions and unless you are able to stop them in their tracks, they take over. From the last time the ants invaded, I still have nervous twitches if I feel anything brush my skin.


As soon as I realized the hummingbird feeders were feeding the ants better than hummingbirds, I took them down. The damage was already done. Shortly thereafter, Owen found a few of them downstairs and Garry caught one on the kitchen counter and another couple in the bathroom. I found a couple in the dining room.

Where you find one ant in your house, you can bet there are millions more where that one came from. I have learned the hard way to NOT wait until the millions of ants invade, but call The Guy immediately. Been here, done this.

Cute as an illustration. Not nearly as cute nesting in your attic, basement, walls, and cupboards. Ants are NEVER cute.

Meanwhile, we are ever vigilantly trying to keep the mice OUT of the house. Those have been our only two invaders, which, for people living in a woods, isn’t too bad. There are a lot of other potential invaders who can be adorable outside, but aren’t nearly as cute when they’ve moved into your attic or basement. At least for now, we don’t have mice and are exterminating the ants. I have no mercy on these two invaders. We aren’t going to run out of ants or mice as long as the earth turns.

How ironic that the things we will never get rid of are exactly the creepy crawlies we least want. There’s a moral in here somewhere. I’m just not sure exactly what.

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  1. We had a lot of mice when we first moved in and we also had a problem with fleas. We flea bombed the house multiple times and are careful to treat all the pets with Frontline Plus just in case. We have those electronic gadgets plugged in that are supposed to stop the mice. We haven’t seen one for a long time and the cats haven’t caught any so I think we’re OK.
    Our other main pests are the possums who run around on the roof and eat the plants on the balcony. We like the possums though, they are cute. We were having a discussion about this the other day, how to stop the local wildlife from eating our plants. We’ll fence a section of garden where Naomi wants to grow herbs so the wallabies, potaroos and pademelons can’t help themselves. They are welcome to eat elsewhere in the garden. We think we might have bandicoots too but they just dig holes in the ground. We don’t really want to get rid of the possums though. We have two who visit nearly every night, one is a female and the other is her now grown baby. We saw him/her on mum’s back during the summer. I’ll get some tree guards or netting to protect my flowers. Blackie and Brownie can stay.


    • Our solution is to buy plants that the animals don’t like. Sometimes they don’t seem to know they don’t like them and eat them anyway, but once in a while, you get lucky. I’m always worried about squirrels and flying squirrels getting in and setting up housekeeping in the attic. There’s nothing they like better than a warm attic and our is very hard to get to these days. It was never easy, but with the years and the aging of the ladder, it pretty near impossible even for Garry, the lightest weight of us three. So far, so good, but there are a lot of creatures who think our house looks PERFECT. For them.

      The metal netting works well. For me, it was trying to keep the skunks out of the garden. They dig up and eat bulbs. In the end, they won. I couldn’t keep up with them. Now we grow mostly wildflowers and none of the wild creatures — except squirrels who will really eat ANYTHING — eat wildflowers.

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      • We have put in a lot of bulbs and so far the animals don’t seem to like them. Most are in pots but we are naturalising some in the ground as well. I have to figure out a solution to keep my roses safe, they have had a tough time these past two or three years.


  2. I hate ants as well. Especially the tiny red ones that invaded Zoe’s food dish. When I picked it up to get rid of it, they swarmed over my hand, stinging all the way. I dropped the dish, brushed off my hand and the only way I got rid of them was to flood the dish with water, drowning them. The leaf cutter ants are even worse, totally denuding bushes and trees of leaves and flowers. The fumigators found one ant tunnel that went all the way from San Juan Cosala to Chapala, ten miles away!!!!


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