Now that the Grackles have moved on, I miss them. I don’t miss their eating absolutely everything, but they were beautiful and so funny to watch.

The second one is my “curious grackle.” He was always looking around for something interesting. Most grackles were surprisingly shy and any move I made would get them to fly off in a flock.

Maybe they will be back in the fall. I don’t think they will like our feeders as much as they did the earlier models.

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  1. Very nice.
    We get black grackles around here.
    Could be a blueish sheen to their feathers though? But it’s not pronounced.


    • It really depends on the sun. If they are in bright sunshine, you get to see ALL the color. But in shade, they just look black. They are considered to be a blackbirds, but in the right light, they are absolutely amazing. Some of them look like dark rainbows. Others are mostly black with a turquoise blue head. But none of the males are really black. The girls are just brown and mottled, I suppose to make them and their nestlings harder to see in the woods.


  2. I wish I could draw like that. Nice!


    • I couldn’t draw like this last January. Someone told me the secret was practice. Gee, just like learning piano! But that’s what I’ve been doing and the practice has made the difference. I used to draw, but I never really worked at it. I know you used to draw too. Lucky for me I can also draw while the TV is on or there’s music playing, so I don’t feel like I’m back in school. I bet you could turn out some great stuff — if you wanted to keep at it. It took me 50 years to get back to trying to make this work, so I get the whole procrastination thing. I procrastinated a lifetime 😀

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  3. That is awesome Maryland 😃✨✨


    • Practice, practice, practice. And with all the practice, one out of four is “tear it up” time, another isn’t good enough to show anyone and eventually gets ripped up or used as a color test page… and then, I do one I actually like. I totally HATE wasting paper and pencils, but some just aren’t good enough for any purpose.That’s a hard lesson to learn. Some drawings won’t come out no matter how hard you try. This batch started out as five pictures and ended as three, which is actually not too bad.

      I really appreciate the encouragement. I don’t think I’d have kept at it without all these delicious pats on the back. Thank you!!


  4. Great drawing Marilyn


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