A Friday Flashback on Saturday

One of the iconic scenes in the movie Star Wars, the first one. Episode 4. “A New Hope” is where Obi-Wan Kanobi is taking Luke Skywalker and his two droids R2D2 and C3PO into town and they are stopped by two Stormtroopers looking for those very two droids. Obi-Wan simply waves his hand and says “these are not the droids you are looking for. You can move along.” And  the Storm Trooper looks at him and says “these are not the droids we are looking for, you can move along.”

Obi-Wan then explains to Luke that it was a “Jedi Mind Trick.” But it only works on the weak and feeble minded. In other words, it only works on stupid people.

That means that the Jedi Mind Trick will work on Americans really well because this country has an absolutely amazing number of mind-numbingly stupid people. I bring this up because I read a result from a poll last week that said (and I am not making this up) that 56% of Americans believe that we should not teach or use Arabic numerals.

Let that sink in for a moment. 56% of the American public doesn’t know that 123456789 are Arabic numerals!!! That’s serious Storm  Trooper stupid.

Here’s some other “facts.”

  • Only two out of five of us can identify the three branches of government;
  • Less than half of us know which nation dropped the atomic bomb;
  • Only one-third of us know that the Congress, not the President, declares war;
  • Only 30% of us know that members of the House of Representatives serve two-year terms and only 25% of us know that Senators serve six-year terms;
  • Most Americans continue to believe that the 9/11 terrorists came from poverty or were neglected as children despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary;
  • A generation ago presidential speeches were pitched at the level of twelfth graders. Today they are pitched at the level of seventh graders;
  • Even after the 9/11 Commission had stated publicly that Saddam Hussein had provided no support to Al Qaeda, a poll showed that half the population still insisted that he had;
  • Only 25% of us can name more than one of the five freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment but more than 50% of us can name two members of the Simpson family.

These revelations and many others come from Rick Shenkman, an Emmy Award-winning reporter and historian, in his new book entitled Just How Stupid Are We? Facing the Truth About the American Voter. The vaunted wisdom of the American people, Shenkman says, is a myth. When it comes to government and politics, we are ignoramuses: ill-informed, apathetic, and easily manipulated.”

Think about it. The Attorney General of the United States took Robert Mueller’s 400 plus page report that he didn’t even bother to read and just told the American public, “There’s nothing to see here, these aren’t the droids you are looking for. Move along.”

Almost half the country actually believes it! One Republican Congressman, ONE — actually read the report. And what did he do after he read it? He said that the President needs to be impeached! Because he broke the law!

“These are the Droids you are looking for! Arrest them!”

And then there’s Florida. America’s Dick. America’s big dumb dick. As any male knows, even if he won’t admit it, that when there is a competition between the “big brain” and the “little brain” the “little brain” always wins. For “Florida Man” (yes that’s a real thing, Google it) there is no competition.

Here’s a quick sample. All of the following are real and true:

“Florida Man attacked during selfie with a squirrel.

“Florida Man wearing tee-shirt that says ‘Who Needs Drugs? No seriously, I have drugs” is arrested for drug possession.”

“Florida Man charged with assault with a deadly weapon after throwing alligator through a Wendy’s Drive-in window.”

“Florida cop claims Burger King put dirt in his food – investigation reveals it was seasoning.”

“Thousands of gun owners in Florida planning to ‘shoot down’ Hurricane Irma.”

“Florida Man tries to rob a Game-Stop while wearing a transparent bag on his head.”

Finally, “Florida Man who tried to ‘run’ to Bermuda in inflatable bubble rescued by Coast Guard, AGAIN.”

And then there’s the number one, all-time greatest, bestest, bigly-brained Florida Man of them all.

We could really use Obi-Wan right about now.

Not the end.

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  1. STUPID is a contagion and it’s wrapped up, somehow, in procreation…, they’re making more just like themselves. Bottom line, we have grab them by the dick and stop the ejaculation, or make em wear an N95 condom. Sorry, it just won’t have any effect in your ears…

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  2. “Florida Man”? I’d never heard that before, but it explains a lot. I know that “safe distancing” appealed to me big time since it gave me another reason to stay away from crowds of “stupid” people.., this, closely followed by masking and vaccination. I hate our society at the moment, especially since I realize that it’s existed this way for quite a while. Truth is, I only hung around with folks I considered to be friends, far from the stupidity we see daily these days. I believe the real PANDEMIC is this ramped STUPIDITY for which there is NO vaccine, and resists natural cures as well, save DEATH.

    Again, you’ve hit the nail squarely on the head Tommy, with your scary accurate view of thing sprinkled with your special sense of humor…, even tho this situation is not so funny. Thanks so much for this much needed reality slap!

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  3. Some rambling thoughts from afar. Throw it all in the garbage if you wish.

    Here’s the most astonishing thing. They don’t care. They all know, as we do, that the Lie is a Lie. But by adopting this stance it defines their Credo – the rallying point/call of those who hate Washington and want to bring it down – even if it destroys the Democracy itself. We knew such people existed. But in the past they were just a fringe – of little consequence. We didn’t like that they existed, but they seemed somewhat harmless. BUT Trump gave them legitimacy – he brought all these people together and permitted them to rise out the shadows and become a force. He gave them a leader and a forum = Power. We also knew there were deceitful, corrupted nutbags in politics – people who just want Power. We also hoped they were just a minority too and that government could still operate and get things done. Trump did the same thing for them = gave them a forum and a leader – while removing anybody who didn’t goosestep to his will. (The comparison to Hitler here is very apt) We just didn’t believe they could completely subvert one of the major political Parties and threaten to destroy Democracy outright. BUT they have. Any and all levels of deceit and dishonesty is justified for them. The end DOES justify any means. This is why you cannot rationalize with these people – the fact that what they do is not rational – is a tactical rallying and defining card for them- it’s a huge part of their modus operandi. It’s purely emotional.

    The thing that puzzles me the MOST at this point is why real Conservative Americans haven’t started a new LEGITIMATE political Party. Right now they really have NO ONE to vote for. They don’t want to vote Democrat, but in order to block Trump’s corrupted Republicans they are forced to. The better alternative however, would be to have a legitimate political alternative that represents rational Conservative philosophy/policy. This would also hopefully crush the current Trumpites by taking away a some of their voters and their Party would fail? No?

    Was there an apparent massive underestimated undercurrent of Americans who just seem to hate Washington (the Federal Government) in general – and who would willingly destroy their own Democracy to bring Washington down? It seems so.

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    • So true. What worries me is that the number of stupid people seems to be growing at a seemingly exponential rate. Is stupidity contagious? Is there a new variant of stupid out there that’s more transmissible?
      Can’t we get a vaccine? Practice social distancing? Stay at least six feet away from stupid people and when they talk take out two N95 masks and stick them in your ears.

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    • Where do we go from here? I’m listening.


    • Back to the Arabic numerals and the fact that they “don’t care. They all know, as we do, that the Lie is a Lie. But by adopting this stance it defines their Credo” that they can do whatever they feel because Arabs or Muslims (not that they care to differentiate) are liars and want to destroy us. Seriously: I don’t know if they are doing it still today (or have already forgotten), but (in the early two thousands) they were telling each other that it is a tenet of Islam to lie to those who aren’t in your clique in order to win.

      – the rallying point/call of those who hate Washington and want to bring it down
      – even if it destroys the Democracy itself. We knew such people existed.


  4. Don’t blame your citizens too much. Do you think in Europe this is much better? Its always a question of hide and seek. Here in Germany the poll are very congruent to the politicans sayings. 😉 The politicans are on duty and in charge educating the citizens! Have a nice weekend! xx Michael

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    • I know it’s bad everywhere and sometimes, I feel like we’ve slipped back to the 1930s, but with better technology. I try not to talk much about other countries because ours is more than bad enough. Will things EVER improve? Is there hope for a better future? I’m having serious doubts.


      • More like the 1830’s.
        What’s more disturbing is I wrote this how many years ago?
        It’s supposed to be dated, not more current than ever.


        • I say the 1930s because our fringes — around the world — had taken over in most European countries and here too, to a large extent. It feels like that again, except with the weapons we have now, it’s going to be more like Tom Lehrer’s “We will all go together when we go” than marching armies.


    • I see your point. At least Germany has more people than guns. Unlike here.


    • OIKOS, there is little comfort knowing this is planet wide and not just us. Thank you for the perspective.


  5. Sigh..I was already feeling a little down…thanks :/

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