Cee’s FOTD: Lately Orchids

They are not gone yet, but they are getting soft and a couple of the dark pink ones have fallen off.

Now, they are beginning to fall

I have one more orchid getting ready to set buds, but the three that have been blooming since early April are beginning to pass.

My feeling are very mixed about their passing. On one hand I’ll be glad to have my window back, but I dearly love the orchids. Just seeing them there in the morning light is a treat. They’ve been blooming for more than three months. You can’t ask more of a flower than a blooming season that lasts a full season.

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2 replies

  1. The others are flashier, but that first pink one is my favorite!


    • Mine too. I am thrilled that it has lasted this long. It has been in full bloom since the beginning of April and it’s not gone yet. I also love the color. I’m hoping I can nurse it along until next spring when it will bloom again.


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