FOTD – June 16 – Our First Daylily

Yesterday, while I was outside feeding birds and watering flowers, I saw the very first blooming daylily. There are hundreds more buds out back and out front. And the hedge roses are covered in buds. They should bloom during the next week and it will be amazing.

2022’s First Daylily
Lily buds

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  1. Hey, Daylilies, WELCOME to The Kachingerosa!


  2. You still do some of the best flower images I’ve ever seen. I feel like I can almost touch them…, Keep it up.

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    • I have made peace with my macro lens. It took me a long time to learn how to make it work the way I wanted it to work rather than however it felt like working. After all these years, I know exactly how close to get using it. Of course all of THESE were actually taken with my birding 100-300 Panny lens because the flowers were way at the other end of the yard. But hey, if you can shoot a little bird through a tiny window pane, you can shoot a daylily from 100 feet away 🕊️


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