It was Kaity who first gave him his “legend” title. I liked it so much, I bought him a shirt that has “legend” printed on the front. I sort of designed it, though the tee-shirt company provided all the pieces to create the shirt.

In processing Garry’s photographs, I did nothing but crop them and reduce the sizes. Otherwise, they are exactly as they came out of the camera. If you have to do portraits, shoot everything in the SHADE. The sun is no friend to portraits.

My favorite
A closer version of the previous photo

Garry gets a lot of audition offers from Boston Casting, a local company. They recruit actors for commercials and sometimes extras and small parts for movie roles being shot in the area. They don’t cast big stars. Hollywood agents pick them. Some movies use a lot of “extras.” These days, “extras” are called “background players,” but they are still “extras.”

Closeup profile

It’s not that Garry is expecting to be discovered and suddenly become a Hollywood star, but I think he gets a bit itchy and would like to do something he enjoys. He’s such a huge movie fan so even an itty bitty part would be kinda cool. So far, he’s been in three movies, but never made it to the big screen. I was in one of them. I joined him on the cutting room floor.

These are the pictures I took yesterday. It was very sunny. Too sunny, so I shot pictures of him only in the shade. I also did something I never did before because Garry was still trying to look young-ER. This time, having turned 80 in April, he decided it was time to look his age. He looks pretty good for his age, too.

Maybe a hearing aid company will pick him to represent them? He’s the perfect candidate.

Your opinions are welcome. Actually, I’d love to get some opinions.

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  1. I was thinking, just before I got to your comment, that Gary would be a great subject for a hearing aid or cochlear implant commercial! Or how about for the doctor’s office that does the implants?

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  2. I think they look great.

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  3. So take a folding chair! One of those canes that folds out into a seat…Your portraits of Garry a re really good. The lighting is perfect.

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    • Nothing is better than natural light. I’ve always disliked studio portraits. Maybe it’s envy because I don’t have a studio. The hardest part was taking natural pictures of Garry that he would actually like. I thought if he’s going to send out casting headshots, they should look like he really looks. Luckily, he liked them. Phew!

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      • Let’s hope your efforts are appreciated by the folks who hire ancient “legends”. Thank you!!


    • Life, the folding chair is a grand idea. Let’s see where this goes.


  4. Such a lovely post Marilyn. He looks awesome. Great photos

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  5. These are really nice portraits of Garry. He is very photogenic anyway. The hearing aid is such a discreet little gadget that I don’t think he need worry about it making him look old. He would have had earpieces larger than that when he was working, I’m sure.
    Being a movie extra would be interesting, a day out, free food I assume and a little pocket money. What’s not to like?

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    • I did it a couple of times. The problem with it is that there’s no place to sit and nothing to do for hours and hours — sometimes 10 or 12 hours — often for an entire night. Even if they never use you, you have to be “ready” just in case. It was too much standing for me. It was also (sorry to mention it), boring. You get 2 minutes of work and 11 hours of standing and waiting. You can’t even talk because the cameras are live.

      The free food, though, is REALLY good. They hire caterers and you get a huge meals in an unlimited buffet. You don’t have much time to eat though, so everyone literally shovels the food in as fast as they can to be back on the set in half an hour. I am not nearly a big enough movie buff to spend a lot of time standing around in the cold hoping someone will call my name!

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    • Tas, thanks for the pic props with credit going to Marilyn.

      We’ll see how the hearing apps play with film auditions. As for extra work — early calls and long waits between shoots and repeated takes. The myriad takes are still strange for an old TV News guy where we prided ourselves on one good take and one or two takes for “the creases”. Lest I forget: The food on movie sets is usually very good. The food on TV news assignments? Not worth conversation.

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      • Certainly no glamour in TV news reporting. I don’t watch a lot of live TV but during recent floods in NSW and Queensland I did and did not envy the news reporters out there in wet weather gear up to their knees in water on some occasions.

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