I wanted something bright and I found a daisy. I thought it was orange, but after a while, I couldn’t make up my mind if it was more red or more orange. I wound up drawing in in both colors.

Gerbera Daisy – red? orange? Or just bright?

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  1. There is a crayon and a pencil shade called “red-orange”. I think that’s what you were striving for (and duplicated darned well). Lovely drawing! 🙂

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    • That IS the color, but I didn’t have it or at least, if I have it I couldn’t find it. I also didn’t want to try and dig through my entire collection. I have a lot of pencils of varying types. In the end, I did a lot of blending. It’s hard to find “true” colors. A true red, a true orange. Surprisingly difficult. Blending is often easier than hunting down one pencil from so many 🖼️

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      • That’s a terrific rendering. Now, let’s all sing, “Daisy, Daisy ..all for the love of you”.


  2. Lovely colors.

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