Usually Marilyn takes all the bird pictures, but this little gray bird was just hanging around, almost as if he were thinking about becoming a pet. I took pictures. Marilyn said he is a Grey Catbird, so named because the sound he makes sounds a bit like a cat’s meow.

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  1. Great captures, Garry! He seems curious like a cat. And is watching things like a hawk!

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    • Some birds are definitely friendly and with a bit of encouragement, will eat out of your hand or land on your shoulder. We have a few that do that now without any encouragement. They’ve just decided we are safe and non-threatening. How “friendly” wild birds are is “per bird.” Blue Jays are very jumpy as are Cardinals. Most sparrows and wrens are friendly as are chickadees and Titmouses. And catbirds. You’d think doves would be friendly, but they are as nervous as the jays.

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    • K.L., you are right about the curiosity.

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  2. Cat birds do seem to be friendly

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