Fandango’s Provocative Question #170

  1. Have you been watching, or at least following the news about, the Select Committee televised hearings?
  2. Do you agree or disagree with my assessment of what has come out of the hearings thus far?
  3. Do you think that Trump and others who took part in the attempt to overturn the election should be criminally charged and incarcerated.
  4. Do you think that they will be criminally charged and incarcerated?

I have not been watching the hearings. I always seem to be doing something else at the time. I have been following them on the internet, in newspaper and on the TV news. I sure as hell believe that the whole bunch of traitors should be in jail, with keys thrown away. If they were not traitors, then I don’t know if the word has any meaning.

Photo: CBS TV

Do I think those involved will be punished? I wish it did — but I’m pretty sure it won’t. I’m not sure why not, but I don’t think so.

Why not? That’s a really good question. If someone has a good answer for “WHY NOT?,” please let me know. Because I can’t think of a legitimate reason. None.

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  1. I have been watching most of the hearings, and am absolutely shocked at the wanton disregard for the law in a country (a government) that professes to be based on law and order. The mob led by Mr. Trump should all end up in jail — I’m not sure they will. Why? I’m concerned that people currently in a position to effect that will only be in that position for another year and a half –and that is not long enough for DOJ to do their independent investigation and try those people. Too, if they do not remain in office, the next administration is likely to excuse the mob.


    • I wonder if people who AREN’T watching the hearings will vote for the same people who made this happen. If we don’t believe in law, there will NEVER be enough cops to enforce our laws. People have to believe in law, believe that whether or not you agree with the law, that the law in still the law. That’s the center of all government everywhere. If the center fails, nothing else will hold. We are on the edge of losing this country, even though the majority of people aren’t in favor of giving up democracy or installing an autocrat — yet they might vote for them ANYWAY. Too many people don’t vote and too many people vote without understanding who or what they are voting for.

      It’s an American tragedy and it isn’t over.

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      • I know several Republicans who have changed their registration to Independent, or at least their voting preferences. The only problem with that is that it just splits the vote, but if it splits the Republican vote, perhaps that’s a good thing!


  2. It’s sad that most of us believe that these people will get away with their crimes. I guess we have just become cynical because people with money and influence nearly always do get away with things. Even something as big as this. Why we have come to this I don’t know. I’d like to think it couldn’t happen here but who really knows?


    • I would have said it couldn’t happen here either. It just took one lunatic president who had no regard for our culture, laws, civility, honesty, truth, facts — you name something “normal” and Trump didn’t believe it. It can happen anywhere, especially when most people don’t believe it can happen. If more of us had believed it COULD happen, maybe it wouldn’t have occurred.

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  3. I have been watching and listening and I agree, they should be called to atone for this. I hope it will happen, but not sure it will


  4. There is no legitimate reason why it won’t happen, but you’re right, it probably won’t. Justice in America is dead.


  5. Probably it won’t happen because politicians are a law unto themselves, and they seem to be able to get away with almost anything they want! Its disgusting! ❤


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