CMMC – June Alphabet Letter J anywhere in the word

I love this challenge because I never know what is going to be in it. I didn’t know what I had that started with “J.” But sure enough, there was “stuff.” Quite a bit of stuff. Jays and Jars and Journalists and Juncos and Jewelry. I’d have used “June” but it isn’t exactly a picture. More of a concept.

Jay in the snow. He’s blue.
It’s a cookie jar. Put in a battery and he howls.
Jewelry. Mostly Navajo
TV journalists, aka reporters (Garry in sunglasses)

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  1. These are great, Marilyn. I love your J. Did you take the picture of the reporters? Very cool! Your jewelry picture is so artistic. I love the color and all the metal work is fabulous. Have a great weekend, my friend. 🙂


    • THANK YOU!!

      That’s an old picture, maybe from the early 1970s. Probably taken by one of the photogs on the shoot or possibly one of the newspaper photogs. I have very few pictures of Garry at work. He never asked to have his picture taken, so the few I have were more or less accidental, taken by other people.

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  2. I love the cookie jar. Garry looked so serious in those glasses. Terrific photos for this week. Thanks Marilyn. 😀 😀


  3. Look at Garry looking so sharp and serious!


  4. You had wonderful “J” posts!!!!–– from, “J”udy


  5. very nice! Lots of cool things starting with the letter J! Xx


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