1789 was the year the constitution was written and we have gone back there. Time to bring back slavery. Sorry Justice Thomas. You’re not a justice now. You’re a slave.

It was a very forward-looking document in its time, a brilliant product of the age of enlightenment. Never mind all that stuff about slavery and how black people didn’t even count as a person. Of course there was no protection for women. Or health care. Or care for the environment.

The issue of “gay” or LGBTQ didn’t come up because no one was thinking about it and people who lived like that were secretive and careful. They were there, just quiet.

Ignoring ALL progress made in the years since we became a country (233 years), we’ve made guns legal everywhere, despite all the obvious reasons to not do that. All the dead people — adults and children are crying in pain — the result of failed gun control legislation in the past and now, the future.

For all city dwellers, imagine a giant traffic jam with everyone simmering with rage at every other driver. Drivers are honking their horns and shouting. But this time, everyone has a gun. Doesn’t that sound like a great idea? Talk about a big shoot out!

The cops won’t even come — if there still are police. Because the horrors that are looming will make policing far more dangerous than it already is. How long will democracy last? How long will this nation survive? And don’t think for a minute that gay and LGBTQ legislation won’t be the next target.

Will they bring back slavery too?

I’m appalled on so many levels I don’t even know where to begin. I’m sure healthcare will be back on the line and who knows what else? Soon they will be in our bedrooms. You will only be allowed to do it in missionary position and only with a person of the same race and religion. Oh, and religion in the schools — which actually goes against the ORIGINAL constitution — but they won’t let that stop them. We will all have to live THEIR version of Christianity, even those of us who are not Christian, atheist, obviously uninvolved in religion, or don’t practice “their” version of Christianity. Mormons, Buddhists, Jews, atheists — watch out. They are coming for you.

We have gone back, back, back, back to the early days of America’s industrial revolution. No longer is it a matter of conjecture if or when. We are there. You’d better unlearn reality as you know it because these justices are going to strip away every right we’ve gained over the past 100 years — and maybe longer.

History is clear on this: you can’t bring back the past. Other countries have tried and it has failed, often in the most dramatic and horrific fashion possible.

If you aren’t horrified by this, you’re stupid, ignorant, and know absolutely no history at all.

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  1. I’m none of those characteristics that you listed for the head in the sand -ers. I am horrified. I’ve been increasingly pessimistic since 2016 and what I mistakenly thought was the absolute lowest we could sink. That’s what I get for doing my own thinking too. I just can’t look any more and I know that adds to the overall problem, but one demographic they’ve been blatantly (IMO) targeting all along are the seniors and the disabled. How long until they institutionalize all of us for surviving an unthinkable reality. Soylent Green is next up, because they’re also too stupid to realize one can’t eat concrete, glass and wood and are developing not just a bit but most ALL of the green space. Beam me up Scotty! It’s too stupid down here!


    • You AREN’T one of those people, but obviously, there are a whole lot more of them than I imagined in my worst nightmares. I feel completely humiliated by the destruction of everything I thought we’d accomplished. I feel like I — personally — failed. Garry keeps pointing out that both of us did the best we could given the lives we led and it wasn’t nothing. I know it wasn’t nothing, but it seems to have become nothing. I don’t understand how this happened, how we let this happen, how I let this happen. Where was I? Why didn’t I see it coming?

      Send a few beams this way. Me, Garry and a few good friends are ready to go.


  2. I fear what America is turning into. Will it be a western version of somewhere like Afghanistan? That’s how it feels.


  3. George Carlin said it in 2008. We have no rights, just a list of temporary privileges, and each year the list gets shorter and shorter and shorter. Rights aren’t rights if someone can just take them away.

    Paraphrased, but it’s been stuck in my head thanks to all the reaction vids on YouTube. But I wish he was still around to comment on this today. I’ll just go back and watch his clips about abortion now.


    • For years I “jokingly” said that the only thing we — my baby boom gen — managed to achieve was to make denim a fashion fabric. With all the angst and efforts it took to get theose measures passed, I always felt that there was a fragility to it.

      I hate being right.


  4. Thank you for the words I have yet been able to form. Freedom is but a breath we continue see snuffed away in an instant. If anyone thinks this is not about them they are blindly mistaken. Yes, it is an attack on the rights of women, but it is just the beginning. The first apple considered ripe to be plucked from the tree of our democracy. We have lost more than most people can even realize.


    • It isn’t even the first. We just didn’t think they could do this. Yesterday, guns. Today, Roe V Wade. Tomorrow? Gay rights? Equal opportunity? Women’s rights? ANY rights? Everything I ever tried to do has been obliterated. A nightmare come true.

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  5. It’s a regression of unimaginable proportions.


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