Those are the fatal words. They are the equivalent of the personal “things couldn’t get any worse.”

Things can always get worse. The minute you believe “it can’t happen here,” that is exactly when it happens. Here or there.

For years I would “jokingly” comment that in the final analysis, the only thing my baby boom generation managed to achieve was to make denim a fashion fabric. We may have ended one war — which would have ended anyway without all the angst — but war continued at a frantic pace. One war, another war, sometimes multiple wars.

Denim is still a fashion fabric and all the things we believed we’d accomplished have been swept away by one man and his shameless followers. There’s not a lot for me to say that you haven’t been thinking without my help. I don’t know where or how we go from here, but I do know it’s not up to my generation anymore. It’s your turn, whichever generation you are. Get out there and protest. Be involved. Care about what’s going on because if you think for a minute this isn’t going to affect you and yours? It will. It probably already has.

No matter what you think or why you think it? It can happen anywhere. It has happened here where it couldn’t happen.

For all of you who think “not voting” doesn’t mean anything? If you don’t vote, you are making the votes of those who do vote twice as powerful. Both parties are not the same, do not represent the same values, do not feel the same way about freedom and choice. Inflation is worldwide. No single leader can stop it and blaming the president for worldwide inflation rather than the conglomerates gouging us for more money when they are already insanely wealthy? Really? What would it take to make you see the difference?


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  1. I am not an American and don’t live there. I have been coming out of the woodwork and posting on all American blog sites that I follow about how sorry I am about this. And scared. Like you said, if it can happen in America, the rest of the world is not far behind. My heart goes out to all my sisters around the world, and especially in America. I wish I could come over and vote !


    • I read a lot of history and this period feels just like Europe in the 1930s, going militant and planning for the big war. We were content. We were sure everything would be alright. We weren’t paying attention and SO many people don’t bother to vote — and they are inevitably the biggest complainers, too.

      Thank you for your support. I think we need a miracle to undo the damage already done. Democracy is so fragile. You stop paying attention and suddenly, it’s not democracy anymore.


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