FOTD – June 27 – Flowers on a Hot Sunny Day

The weather went from chilly enough to need a sweater, to very hot in one night. It’s in the 90s. Not the high 90s, but hot enough. Today the humidity rose too. So, much to my regret and probably to enthusiasm at the electric company, it was time for air conditioning.

Flowers are blooming! In the back garden, the Queen Anne’s lace has taken over to such a degree the daylilies are having trouble poking through. I don’t think I have ever seen so much wild lace anywhere.

The flower boxes are blooming like crazy as is the lantana and the begonias. It was so hot out there yesterday that I had to wet down the deck or it burned my feet. I suppose I could have put on sandals, but I love going out barefoot, so I settled on dampening the deck and hopping from hot spot to hot spot, feeding birds and watering plants.

It might cool down tomorrow, but who knows? It’s summer. It’s hot. At least something is normal. Sort of.

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  1. This looks so amazingly wonderful 🙂


  2. Beautiful flowers for today and that lily is stunning 😀


    • It started raining last night and is still raining. There are suddenly a lot more lilies. A bit too wet to go out and take pictures, but this is exactly what the garden needed. There were thousands of buds for roses and lilies, but it had been so dry nothing was flowering. The buds were drying up and falling off.

      Today, a nice steady rain is falling. Not a torrent, but real RAIN. The birds look happy flying around in it. And there are lilies everywhere, popping up through the wooden steps leading to the deck and even in the sidewalk from driveway to house.

      Tomorrow I’ll take pictures. There should finally be something worth photographing. Rain this time of year is always badly needed — and rare.


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