CMMC – June Week #5 – Flowers or Leaves

I have a lot of foliage pictures since fall is our “big” season, but the flowers are so amazing right now, they stole me heart. So, this time, it is all flowers. Come fall, with a little luck we’ll have foliage.

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  1. How glorious!! I think your flower garden must be like the Garden of Eden…so much beauty! Thanks Marilyn for sharing those wonderful photos with us. It really lifts my spirits I know!


    • Thank you! The gardens are VERY enthusiastic this year. Not just the flowers, but the weeds have gone crazy. Also, a lot of flowers that should have died for the year already are still sending up new flowers. It’s probably because of the warmer winters, but it’s still amazing.


  2. I love your lantana. To me they are unique and I love the geometry in them 😀


    • I’m really enjoying the lantana. It’s very easy to grow, too. They (supposedly) prefer dappled sun, but we don’t have shade anymore after we cut down a branch from our dying catalpa. I put it in the least sunny corner of the deck, but even so it get full sun for most of the day and apparently is fine. My theory with plants these days is if they are happy with the light and however much water they get, leave them where they are happy.

      My worst experiences were when I moved a plant from its happy place to a “better” location. If they like where they are, take YES for an answer. It took me years to figure out that the plant is always right 🏵️


  3. Beautiful flower shots – you’re right, the leaves can wait their turn!


    • We are not only growing the flowers that should be growing in early summer, but wildflowers which should be gone by now are still flowering. There will be plenty of time for foliage come autumn — which will be here all too soon!


  4. Gladdens the heart – all that magnificent flowering.


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