Last on the card – June 2022

A surprise! I had totally forgotten I’d take the pictures of the little Tufted Titmouse. It didn’t need a lot of work, but just to show the difference after I got rid of the wires.

Just this once, the little Tufted Titmouse let me take his picture outside and not through the glass. Nice to get an image withough the extra (inevitably needs cleaning) glass.

Daylilies – Needs cropping

The first one was taken on the big OMD-E1 M2 with the 100-300 mm Panasonic (Leica) lens. That is my birding lens and it’s a honey.

The second picture was taken on my Pen F with a 12-200 mm lens. It’s probably my most versatile lens. Unless I need a faster lens — or the macro or portrait — it’s always on the Pen F which is my favorite camera for general photography.

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  1. Lovely photos. I find the technical aspects of photography perplexing but I feel I can learn a lot from the responses to Brian’s challenge!


    • I use auto-focus a lot these days because my eyes can’t deal with distance versus close, so if I can see the screen on the camera, I can’t see the whole picture. The only time I use manual is when I want it to be sharp in a different place than auto-focus has in mind. I also have given in and use iAuto a lot because generally, it does a better job than I do. I know a lot of photographers — good ones — use automation, but many of them won’t admit it in public. Mainly, try to get the picture fully in the frame, make sure your background isn’t trash cans or something embarrassing. And that the lens you are using is fast enough to work in whatever light you are in. Mostly, when I change lenses, it’s because of the light. I don’t want a super fast lens in very bright sunshine or a slower lens in heavy shade. It’s easier than you thing!


      • Thanks so much for this, Marilyn. I mainly use my cameraphone but we have an old DSLR I have tried a few times. It’s just a bit heavy to carry around all the time.


        • Those old DSLRs weigh a ton. I use a much smaller camera and my wrists have thanked me by remaining useful. I haven’t had to have surgery, but I think if I hadn’t realized I couldn’t manage a big camera — and given it to my granddaughter who loved it until SHE couldn’t manage the weight either. Now, at 26, she has one of my really good Olympus OMDs and all the lenses I never use. Truth is, of all the lenses I’ve owned, I use 3 (one on each camera) most of the time and another two occasionally.


  2. A lovely bird and flowers. Thanks for joining in Marilyn 🙂 🙂


    • You are welcome. I download my pictures usually a couple of minutes after I get home from wherever I was. I just take the cards out and put them in the little widget reader and pop another one in. That can make it difficult to find the last photo. This time, though, your post came up at exactly the right moment as I’d just come in from taking pictures in the garden. It’s a fun challenge 😀


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