I almost always wind up taking bird pictures through the glass door in the dining room, but just this once, the little Tufted Titmouse let me take his picture from outside on the deck.

These are the friendliest little birds!

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  1. This little bird is adorable, Marilyn. Thanks for sharing.


  2. You have so many pretty birds in your area. This one is a cutie.


  3. Beautiful! I remember a blue tit from some years in the past. It had entered our house, and looked around like it wanted to acquire rooms. It was very amazed as we guided it to leave through the front door. Lol xx Michael


    • These little birds will actually land on my son if he stays still. I had one land on my head and the brush of the wing on my cheek when he took off was sweet. I think they like my son better because he’s big, so he looks like a tree. They are, along with the chickadees and some finches, surprisingly friendly.


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