FOTD – July 2 – Flowers, flowers everywhere

It’s not only that the flowers are growing with a level of enthusiasm I’ve never seen before. It’s also the growing season has changed. Wild flowers like Queen Anne’s Lace and Spiderwort are spring flowers and should be gone by July. Really, they should have been gone by the end of the first week of June.

And yet, they are still sending up new shoots and everything is still blooming. We’ve also got super weeds, the strangling kind from the invasive Bitterroot to the wild grape vines and of course, good old bindweed. There are so many versions of strangling weeds they have taken to duking it out and trying to stangle each other.


The roses we cut down to the ground in May are taller than me and blooming like mad. The incursion of Queen Anne’s Lace has pushed some of the Daylilies away, but never you mind. The day lilies have given up being part of the garden and are growing all over the place including the opposite side of the driveway, under the stairs to the deck, and along the edge of the woods. Since the woods is where we got the daylilies 20 years ago, they have come full circle.

Meawhile deep in the woods where it’s dark and damp, hostas I planted 20 years ago have grown to the size of shrubs. They don’t flower in deep shade, but they are gigantic.

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  1. I’m not a flower maven but I should think you are happy with the abundant growth of so many flowers.

    Certainly something to smile about in these crazy days of our lives.


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