It was a new “Provocative” question from Fandango. I was looking for a picture that showed fear. Everywhere I looked, it was someone else’s work. Drawings, photographs, posters. None of them seemed any better than my own photographs which sadly didn’t have anything showing fear. But the drawings were not much better than mine and finally, I decided to stop worrying about copyright and draw my own.

It’s the first time I decided to do an illustration for a specific post and while it’s not the world’s best drawing, it’s not awful either. It falls into that tidy middle ground of “good but not exceptional work.” What’s more impressive — to me, anyway — is I was able to create it in about two hours and it looks pretty much the way I pictured it.

Humans are not something I do well. Not cats, either. I can do an acceptable dog (but have trouble with feet), squirrels (lots of trial and errors on them!), birds, and flowers. Not too bad on rocks and water, either.

If I could have thought of a flower or bird who might display the concept of “fear,” I would have drawn it, but sadly, none of them seemed fear-related. I need to up the ante on people drawings. I’ve been so unsuccessful at it, I’m not enthusiastic about the project. Maybe I should give up and do abstractions.

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  1. I like it too. It’s unexpected and interesting…


  2. I think that is a pretty good illustration of fear.


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