They just won’t sit still for me. I pick up the camera and they vanish. I sometimes wonder if there really were any birds or I’m just imagining them. Since all the food disappears daily, there must be something eating it, right? Fur and feathers, there’s a lot of eating going on.

This is a picture which deserves a clever caption. I couldn’t think of one.

It’s a Goldfinch and (I think though it’s hard to tell from the back) a Tufted Titmouse. The grey bird is too small to be a catbird who is the only other grey bird around here. It also shows you how small Goldfinches are since Titmouses are also small.

I was just out back with the camera. Not a bird in sight. That doesn’t mean there won’t be a slew of them around at dinner time, but they have learned to find food in the woods, which I wanted them to do. It has interfered with my photography plans, but it’s good they remember how to find food without my giving it to them.

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  1. Rose fills our feeder up every day and
    the next day it’s empty.
    Maybe we need a bigger feeder?


  2. The Goldfinches are just so pretty, Marilyn.


  3. “Who are you, eating my food?!”


  4. Gray action shot.


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