FOTD – July 10 – New Macro Orchids

These were the first orchids I got, four years ago. It has been a very long four years. These usually bloom for a few months and then rest until the following spring. This year, because I repotted them at the end of their blooming last year, they rested an extra couple of months. Now, they are back.

The first flower bloomed yesterday, another one this morning. And there are a handful of big fat buds waiting to bloom.

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  1. Is that a Phalaenopsis Orchid? Because it’s so beautiful and delicate in colour. My daughter bought me one for mother’s day and I’m in heaven. I wished I could get a picture to you. However it looks pretty much like yours. Blooming beautifully.


    • If it looks the same, it probably IS the same. Some are smaller than others and the colors vary. The tiny ones are also a different species but caring for them is pretty much the same and the all look pretty much the same. I’m not sure if these are the most common, but they are very common. Most of the ones you buy in groceries are Phalaenopsis in various colors. They dye these a lot so you can buy a bright purple one and when (if) it regrows, it will be white — its original color.


      • It was in full bloom in May and it has continued. I’m hoping it remains so. I have to do some leg work to learn more about it though. So far it says 3 icecubes worth of water once every 7 days which equals 1/4 cup. So far so good. lol


  2. The beautiful dove or angel that lives in flower form.


  3. They’re beautiful, Marilyn!


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