FOTD – July 13 – Petunias, ruffled and unruffled

We chose these flowers because we wanted to invite hummingbirds and bees. I don’t know if bees prefer red over other hues, but I know that hummingbirds are attracted by reds and pinks. I once had a hummingbird land on my shoulder because my bathing suit was bright pink. I’ve been waiting for it to happen again ever since.

And the hummingbirds have come. Some days we have several, but every day at least one of them shows up.

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  1. Oh I’m loving your post today. I really like your last photo, it just speaks to me 😀


    • Thank you Cee. All our usual plants — daylilies — are burned and not blooming from lack of water. I didn’t think you COULD kill daylilies, but there has been no significant rain for almost 3 months, so only the weeds are growing. Everything else is dying from lack of water. BUT I water these plants. It’s just five containers and would like to hope that this won’t be the difference between having and not having water.

      Those ruffled red petunias are MY favorites, too. And the hummingbirds are also very fond of them.


    • Thank you. Everything else the should be blooming has been burned dry by the lack of rain, but at least these few patio plantings are alive and growing.

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      • You’re welcome! It’s so encouraging when our patio plants keep thriving. It’s been three weeks without more than a 5 minute light shower. Finley and I drag in all the dried grass and leaves in the house so we have reminders of how dry it is all around us at times!


        • Same here. The little bit of rain we’ve gotten was either so light, it barely made a dent or was over so fast, it didn’t penetrate the trees. It isn’t usually quite THIS dry, though in recent years, we’ve either been flooded or dry. We had tons of rain in March and April, and almost nothing since then. I sure hope we get at least one decent rain soon. It’s bone dry out there.

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