Cee reminded me today of ducks and then I remembered swans and specifically, sleeping swans, floating on the pond with their long necks and heads tucked under a wing. And how those necks are so long, they don’t have to dive for food (usually), but just crane their necks down into the water.

It took a while, but I found the picture I was looking for. It’s this last one.

The head and necks of swans are never white. They are always a bit grungy and muddy. It’s only from a distance that they look white all over.

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  1. Wow! and Woe. Cuz we don’t get Swans around here.
    At least I’ve never seen or heard of them?
    When I lived on the Coast I used to see them in the Parks in Victoria. Beautiful.
    I’ll have to check and if they appear around here at all?


  2. Swans are beautiful birds 😀


  3. Beautiful swans. I like your drawing too 😀 😀


    • Thank you and thank you again 😀 I wish I’d gotten more pictures of the sleeping swans. I always think I’ll be back and get them “next time,” but so frequently there is no next time. They don’t nest on that pond anymore. For a couple of years, we had so little rain the pond was almost dry. It isn’t very deep even when we are getting plenty of rain. During a drought, it became a huge mud puddle. The swans just gave up and moved to a pond with more water. Having found new nesting sites, they never came back. I miss them.

      Swans are unique as I’ve never seen any other birds so “tucked up” in sleep so they look more like a cushion than a birds. These swans were very tame, too. They used to come right up to you and beg for treats — and swans are really BIG birds. Not as tall as Herons, but much heavier.


  4. A superb drawing of the two swans 🙂 !


    • Thank you very much. I went through a lot of bad drawings before I finally got better ones. That’s how drawing goes. You do something good and you think, “Ah. NOW I’ve got it.” The next one is a stinker and you realize progress isn’t quite that simple or straightforward. But errors are learning experiences. Each time one comes out not-so-great, I learn another something I needed to know. I rewatched “Sketchbook” on Disney last night — not the whole series, but maybe half of them. And they ALL said the same thing. You never stop making mistakes and can never assume that you’ve “got it.” There’s always more to learn — and this from people who have been at Disney for more than 40 years.


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