CMMC July Primary Colors

Birds and flowers. I included yellow. It may not be an official primary color, but I think it’s primary.

A color blue I’ve only seen in Bluebirds

Is there anything bluer than a Bluebird? Or redder than rose?

The blue of the water, the green of the trees, all reflected in the Blackstone River. Photos: Garry Armstrong

Blue and green
More blue and green — and a Catbird
Goldfinch – Very yellow

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  1. Those bluebirds look amazing… we don’t get them here. Or blue jays, sadly. Our jay is shy and retiring. And not blue!
    I collected some info about our European jay last year. So if anyone’s interested
    Our local fish shop used to keep fish called cardinals (cardinal tetras). They were really hard to get back in the 1970s through early 80s and he had a mature tank with these huge rainbow-striped red-bellied fish, they were just as beautiful as your cardinal bird in their own way. I come across cardinal birds quite a lot via Twitter birdwatching sites… I think they’re gorgeous!


    • My son used to keep tropical fish and the tetras are beautiful, though you couldn’t keep them with other fish or their fins would get chewed up. They had their own little tanks.

      The Bluebirds don’t live in cities or even suburbs. We live in a rural area and we see a lot of them in the spring when they are migrating to Canada and again in the fall as they head south. We have them here for a few weeks in each season. The Blue Jays are local and nest in our back hedge. Not everyone like Jays because they can be aggressive, but I enjoy them. They are lively and interesting.

      I have a lot of books on birds all around the world and I lived in the middle east for a decade, so I also got to see a lot of European and African birds because Israel is a land bridge between Africa and Europe/Asia. In April there used to be (I hope there still is) a HUGE migration of raptors from Africa to Europe and Asia.

      I’m always interested in birds from other places.

      Cardinals are very pretty and the combination of cardinals and goldfinches are just the prettiest combination. Add a few woodpeckers and it’s a great scenario. Right now, I’m just trying really really hard to keep feeding them until it rains and there’s some natural food for them. This drought is lasting way longer than I’ve ever seen a drought last in this part of the world.


  2. OH Yeah!! Look at that!
    Birds and flowers got it figured out.


  3. I really like your photos for this week. Yellow is perfectly fine with me 😀 😀


    • Thanks, Cee. I love the blue of the Bluebird. I’ve never seen that color anywhere but on a Bluebird, though sometimes the colors of the Caribbean were almost this color.


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