Very nearby, we have both a Mennonite and Amish community. Moreover, the entire Blackstone Valley is religious. We have churches of every Christian denomination and more than one of each. No synagogues. This is definitely a Christian area.

It isn’t unusual to see signs on a lawn along any road in the valley, but this sign stopped me. Signs are always located near a building. It could be a home, a church, even a business or workshop. This sign was alone on a street corner in Milford.

It said “An ungodly man diggeth up evil.”

It wasn’t a handmade sign but a proper stamped metal sign, the kind which might direct you to a public building or park. That the sign existed was no surprise, but its location was peculiar and oddly unsettling. Garry memorized it and later, I punched it into Google to see what popped up. I suspected it was a quote, probably biblical. I was right.

At whom is this quote aimed? Who put it on that corner in Milford? Why? What does it mean? Is it political or anti-political? I looked for interpretations. Despite variations in wording, the interpretations were all pretty much the same. This section was the most apt and relevant. It is a segment from a much longer explanation.

Envy and cruelty control them. They live in constant envy, resenting others’ superiority. They are losers. They justify their existence by destroying reputations an think themselves righteous though their hearts are more wicked than their victims. They are cruel without regard for the pain and damage they cause.

I will probably never know where the sign came from or why it was put on a random corner in Milford. I will always wonder what they were thinking when they put it there and at whom it was aimed. It could be either end of the political spectrum or completely anti-political or, for all I know, both.

I guess I’ll just have to keep wondering. I suspect whatever you believe, you can assume this sign was meant for “the other guy.” Or your guy.

Or you.

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  1. I guess as both sides of the political scene think they are right the sign could be directed at either.


  2. beautiful images! looks like somebody knocked on the road and a bird came out and checking lol. it’s cute.


  3. I guess, being an ungodly man, I’d better get busy digging up some evil. Anybody got a shovel you can lend me?


  4. The pictures are exquisite! The bird, ready for flight, peeking around for safety measures perhaps. It’s so precious. The moon by the beautiful window. What an interesting sign (and the fact they didn’t list the source). I live in a very conservative area. Politics and religion go hand in hand on every political ad displayed (Ugh). An ungodly man? It could be anyone indeed. I appreciate your perspectives. I hope you are both well! 💛


    • We aren’t any sicker than we were, though I haven’t got test results yet. I’ll know a LOT more in a few days. So many of our friends have had cancer and heart attacks. I think it’s easier to count those that ARE healthy.

      I thought the sign was very appropriate, but it was not located near a home or any other building. Usually signs are near something — house, church — SOMETHING. This one was lonely so it was hard to figure how it even got where it was.

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