FOTD – July 16 – The Latest Orchids

The final orchids of the year are blooming and looking great. I tried to take pictures of them yesterday and they came out really odd. Which was when I realized I was in one of the “art” formats. I had to reset the camera. No idea how it got to “art 2”, but now it’s working properly. No art. Just photographs.

Each time these orchids bloom, they are a slightly different color. This time, they have more yellow and red, no purple or pink at all. They must carry a lot of color DNA.

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6 replies

  1. Beautiful photos


    • Thank you. When the light is on the other side of the house, the pictures come out much better. I just have to wait — and then remember to actually take the pictures.


  2. enjoy them Marilyn! Glad you got your camera fixed!


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