These pictures look like the little birds are being attacked by a hawk. Except those little birds look pretty calm.

Attack of the European Sparrow!

The attacking bird was a sparrow, the European model imported in the late 1800s. He was hoping to grab some lunch. He is much bigger than the little Goldfinch, but they were not moving. He tried flying at them three or four times and they simply wouldn’t move. He came back later and convinced the doves to give him some room to eat.

The true predator of the day was a neighbor’s cat. I don’t know which neighbor, but this cat was extremely tame. I told her to move on. Like any normal cat, she ignored me. I called the Duke and asked him to bark. He barked. Two barks weren’t enough so I asked him to bark more, which he did. The cat didn’t twitch a whisker.

A local and most unruffled kitty

And finally, photogenic woodpeckers.

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  1. I love these pictures! The cat looks very innocent

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  2. Amazing photos. Woodpeckers are kinda pretty but oh how noisy!


    • They do get a bit rowdy until the food comes out. They EXPECT the banquet!

      I think ours are usually too busy eating to make noise. We didn’t put out suet today. It’s too hot. This suet is supposed to be “unmeltable,” but in this heat, nothing is unmeltable including me.

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      • I hear that! I stay inside with the air turned low these days. i think all’ things around here are burning up


        • That’s what we do. The house isn’t cold, but it’s comfortable and frankly, I get cold easily. I don’t want it really chilly.

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          • If I don’t keep it at 68 all the time I have to keep turning it up and down every couple of hours which means stopping what Im doing to get across some furniture to get to the thermostat. So it’s a blanket when sitting down and taking off one or two of the sweatshirts when up and cleaning or cooking. I’m cold natured since birth so I take the easy way of leaving it on 68 year around.


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