In this picture, you might notice that the chickadee does not have his little feet on the ground, yet he is also not flying. In the picture, he was hopping from one part of the feeder to the top of a block of mealworm suet. He was one happy chickadee.

Chickadee in mid “hop” as he goes from the edge of the flat feeder to the suet
April 2022

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  1. So CUTE! I love that he hops and you made him look as if he is hovering. RE; the comment above? A few summers ago seagulls were flying around the Ohio River here. No crops saved but we had been under flood alert for the entire summer. I think I would rather see an invasion of chickadees!


    • They have been rare this summer but I haven’t been putting out the mealworm suet, so the little birds who only eat bugs are going elsewhere. The prices on wild bird food are crazy high. I do my best for them, but sometimes, it’s just too much and I can’t.

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      • Everything has gone up so fast. I almost get hives when I have to go to the grocery. Nothing that I really like for snacks is affordable now, but after a friend told me a gallon of milk is over $4 now I’m glad I am lactose intolerant!


    • They are great little birds, but they mostly prefer bugs to seeds — and I haven’t had the money to buy those blocks of mealworm suet. They used to cost a couple of dollars a piece. Now they are up to $10 or more for one slab. Can’t do it. So we have not seen many chickadees this year. Prices will drop eventually — I hope.

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  2. Aww! Such detail and such a sweet little birdie. A lovely bird to have for a state bird. Utah’s is the seagull. Yeah. Explains a lot, doesn’t it? 😉


  3. Nice. I like them Chickadees.
    But they don’t come into the city.


  4. Isn’t She/ He a beauty.


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