The weather is getting to me. Going outside? Not happening until the heat breaks. Breathing is hard and grass pollen is up. So, in the face of the climate change that I keep hearing isn’t really here and yet it obviously IS here, I draw pictures.

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  1. Love the artwork. Really love it. We had our first 83 F day. It has been unseasonably down right cold. Has me wondering if we’ll have a long summer and warm fall or whether winter will come early with a bang. The good thing is we have had very few forest fires (unlike the past several in which 3/4 of the province was covered with smoke) due to massive fires.


  2. go you! Stay cool! Drawing is a good thing to be doing!


    • My arm isn’t liking it much, so I’m keeping it simple. But I finally got lights so I can take small pictures inside without waiting for the light to hit me “just right.” As far as lights go? You really get what you pay for. These were, as lights go, pretty cheap. They work and the price I paid is only slightly more than the price of the bulbs, but it’s all very wobbly. The bulb weighs more than the tripod and the reflecting shade! Just a wee bit top heavy.


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