It’s hot. Not only is it hot here, it’s hot everywhere including normally cool places like London and many European countries. Looking at a weather map, it looked like the world is boiling over. Probably a reasonably accurate description of what’s going on.

The world is cooking. Republicans aren’t alarmed. Apparently as long as corporate profits are high, the ultimate death of humanity is no big deal. It doesn’t make any sense no matter how you look at it. What good are corporate profits if people are gone? Okay, we aren’t going to disappear between today and tomorrow, but the future isn’t looking good for living people on planet Earth.

Why aren’t they alarmed? How can anyone not be alarmed?

Today England had its hottest day ever. More than 20 locations within the U.K. hit record breaking temperatures and that’s just today. The European continent isn’t far behind.

In the U.S., we are cooking from coast to coast under a dry dome of heat. It blocks the rain which makes the heat worse. It will keep getting worse. Temps are well over 100 in many places. Not quite that hot here, but it will be before the week is out.

We’re lucky this house is mostly shaded by trees. Between the heat and the drought, complaining seems redundant.

I am completely at a loss as to how the supposed “leaders” of nations and the parties that rule nations can ignore that climate change isn’t on its way. It’s HERE. Now. It’s not just a danger to future generations. It has arrived.

Are we going to allow the Republican Party murder us in the name of protecting corporate profits? Are we that hopeless, helpless, and stupid?

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  1. I know, right?
    Its ridiculous!
    surely something can be done! The leaders all suck!


    • A lot can be done but a lot of rich people won’t get richer if we do them. You know, the oil cartels and coal miners? Well, they gotta do what they gotta do and if the world dies as a result, as long as they get to do their thing, they DON’T CARE.


  2. Big business and the republicans don’t care because of their greed. They figure it won’t effect them or perhaps their children, but beyond that, they do not care. They will do nothing because if they were going to, they would’ve by now.
    The stupid ignorant orange blob followers, of course, think it’s fake and this is just a weird year…they will die never grasping, had they voted and voted differently for all their lives, it might have been different.
    I’m just tired of it..the blind ignorance, the religious nuttery, the greed, the hate, the killings, the guns, the lies, the unaccountability for trump’s actions and the abuse of the environment. If I was young, I’d definitely leave this country, but I’m old, thankfully, and now I don’t know if there is really anyplace to go.


    • I always thought that if it got really bad, we would escape. But, as it turns out, Garry is 80. I’m 75. We aren’t going anywhere. Just a long drive is a big deal these days, so we aren’t going to seek our fortunes in other countries. And, as you say, where IS there to go? It’s not like the rest of the world is untroubled. The huger problem is we are not alone. The crazies and stupids are everywhere. I’m so sorry that it has turned out like this. I should have seen it coming. Now, it’s going to have to be the task of younger gens — and they don’t seem all that interested either.

      It is kind of awful, isn’t it.

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  3. It was 38C/100F in the shade in our garden yesterday, in Cornwall, UK – unknown in these parts and all part of the frightening scenario that our governments are not responding to.


    • I don’t understand how come the people who are supposedly our leaders think it’s still all about profits. I don’t get it. Don’t they have families? Children? Grandchildren? Do they think that if they are rich enough, they can just avoid the mess? I don’t think anyone is going to avoid this, no matter how much money they have.

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  4. Yes, many of us are that hopeless, helpless, and stupid. They have bought the big lies being told by the orange one and the right-wing propaganda networks. If the truth will not win over the hopeless, helpless, and stupid then we better show up at the polls in record numbers.

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  5. Well the heat left Shropshire yesterday after 2 days. It’s 21 C/ 69F here at 5.30 in the afternoon (or so my computer tells me. It was 34 for much of yesterday until late evening. Low 20s and a 19 in the coming week.
    I find the Norwegian Met Office site YR pretty accurate:

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    • It was mid 90s here and it is going up. We’ll hit 100 before the week is out. The better news is it might rain tomorrow. We are almost 9 inches below normal. Since we have water ONLY from our own well, when it gets this dry, we get nervous. Our heat wave won’t last much past the end of July. We’re close enough to the ocean for it to soften temperatures, but it isn’t bringing rain. If the aquifer gets dry, there are going to be an awful lot of people with no water. Insurance doesn’t cover it. No water, no place to live. Ouch.

      Why aren’t the people who are supposed to be running things more worried? Do they think wealth makes them immune? More to the point, will it make their kids and grandchildren immune?


  6. You’re so right, sadly. Yesterday we had a terrible fire in east London – London, our capital city, not some remote forest region! A friend of mine had to evacuate her home and I’ve heard the damage to it is considerable, at best. Look at this and tell me there’s not something more going on than the usual changes in weather patters:

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    • Old cities with a lot of wood buildings are always dangerous during heat waves. We, on the other hand, live in a tinder dry woods where we haven’t seen any substantial rain in about 2 months. The heat is bad, but the dryness is worse. Everyone worries about lightning and those dry woods. We don’t have many fires, but when we do, it’s usually a doozy.

      It might rain tomorrow. We sure do need it.

      It must be really hard since you guys don’t have air conditioning because you aren’t supposed to be getting these temperatures. Neither are we, actually. While we get a couple of weeks of hot, humid weather this time of year, not this dry and NOT this hot. Even the birds look tired. I think the heat is a bit much for them, too.


  7. The naysayers will just spout the usual. “Weather patterns always change.”

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    • Not like this Has anyone ever SEEN a weather map that’s scarlet with heat across continents? The only reason the southern hemisphere isn’t as hot is because it’s still winter there. This is really scary stuff. Weather patterns change, but not across half the globe at the same time. In all my life, I’ve never seen anything like this.

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      • I believe you but I still run across people who say that it’s just weather. I remember when I was still at Geeveston working at the Op Shop overhearing a couple of regulars saying they didn’t believe in climate change, in the same tone as they would have said they didn’t belieive in fairies. I told them off.


  8. “Are we that hopeless, helpless, and stupid?”

    Apparently we are.

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    • Never have I seen a weather map where the same weather — HEAT — has spread across multiple continents. The only reason it hasn’t hit the southern hemisphere is because it’s winter down there. This is really scary stuff. If they aren’t scared, do they really think MONEY is going to make this go away and if they are rich enough, it won’t affect THEM?

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      • I don’t know what people are thinking, but we’d better get our collective heads out of our asses before what we’re thinking won’t matter anymore.

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        • I’m not sure what we are thinking does matter anymore. I am looking around. There is SO much work to do and no one is doing it. We talk about it a lot. Our leaders huff and puff, but as for action? I am not seeing any. I don’t see a single major contributor to the problem — like the U.S. or China — doing anything except forging ahead and worrying about inflation. Inflation is scary. We’re on a fixed income, so it’s VERY scary but that doesn’t mean we can’t see there are bigger problems than inflation — which in the end won’t kill us. The boiling weather and lack of rain MIGHT kill us and if not us, our children or grandchildren.

          Since the heat went up, the birds have disappeared. I think it’s too hot for them to come out of the woods to the feeders which are in the sun. Doesn’t that say it all?

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