CFFC: Would make a friend happy

Christmas is always a good time to start, especially since a new year follows just a week later.

Christmas – always a good choice

Who wouldn’t want cozy clothing for a cold winter?

Cozy gifts for a cold winter

For the floral among us, a fresh orchid is a great choice.

How about a brand new orchid?

You can’t fail with a bouquet, especially full of spring flowers.

Perhaps a bouquet of spring flowers?

And a new bird feeder with room for lots of suet. The Downy woodpecker and the Bluebird are free if you can afford the suet.

How about a new bird feeder? The Downy and Bluebird are free with the suet!

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3 replies

  1. I’ll take the birds, and the bouquet, please. Lol. Xx


  2. What wonderful happiness photos you have presented us with. Thanks Marilyn 😀


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