FOTD – July 21 – Lantana

It’s very hot and very dry, but I’ve managed to keep the flowers on the deck alive. Also, despite everything, the hydrangea is doing well. Those hydrangeas are the only garden flower not collapsing from heat and dryness.

I’ve grown very fond of the lantana. It’s beautiful and drapes well.

It is supposed (fingers crossed!) to rain tomorrow. It might be quite a lot of rain. I sure hope so. Even the birds are desperate for rain. It has been a long dry spell.

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  1. We were 98 yesterday. Anyhow, these are gorgeous flowers on your deck 😀


  2. Beautiful pictures. I have lantana here but it’s so pretty in the hanging colorful. I like to garden..landscape really..and this gives me ideas. Hot here too, but steamy with often afternoon rains. I’m in Florida, so there is the hurricane worry too. I’ve decided no place is perfect weather wise…


  3. The last flower picture is common in our locality but they never protected.

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