The latest baby squirrels are up and about and eating like there’s no tomorrow. Of course with everything dry and burnt, there isn’t much to eat. Normally, there would be more than enough food, but with no rain, everything is dying. This includes flowers and weeds which produce seeds eaten by birds, squirrels, chipmunks, woodchucks.

There won’t be any seeds this year. No dried berries. No pods from weeds or flowers. Everything is gone. Whatever was alive — even a week ago — is is brown and dead. It never had a chance to bloom and without a bloom, no seeds. It will be a terrible winter with no food from flowers and weeds. Animals of all kinds will be entirely dependent on people like me to throw food to them. There are not nearly enough of us.

Predators — hawks, fox, bobcats, coyote, and so on? They all need non-predator animals to thrive so they can thrive. Nothing thrives in a drought. Unless we get some rain soon — real rain — there won’t be any way to salvage the summer.

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  1. Your poor little visitors, Marilyn. We humans have such a responsibility resting on our shoulders to clear up the mess we’ve made, and I wish with all my heart that we’d all get together and act now to combat climate change. But for now, keep feeding your gorgeous little animals, as they clearly need you more now than ever. This post says so much in just a few short paragraphs. The whole world needs to see it, and to wake up to the fact that we’re destroying not just our own world, but theirs too. And they shouldn’t suffer because of our arrogance and greed.


    • They shouldn’t, but they are. We’re losing birds by the millions — more than half a billion during the past 20 year and more each year. Who knows about the animals? We don’t keep track of them as well, probably because they are so difficult to count. We have at least two woodchucks out back and a few chipmunks that haven’t already been eaten by the hawks or foxes. And THEY are starving because the rabbits are gone — I haven’t seen one in years — and there are so few of the other small ground animals. It’s the circle of life, but we’ve destroyed it and it will be much worse. Right now, being old isn’t such a bad thing. I don’t have to watch while the world kills itself and our democracy get stolen from right under us.

      This is NOT what I had it mind for my elder years.

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      • Not to mention all the animal and plant death from the wildfires in the West..
        Climate change is the #1 concern and nothing has really ever been done much …nothing changes…it feels hopeless and I’m glad I’m old too. So very sad that it’s taken this turn and all from a combination of greed and apathy


        • I never thought I’d get this far in life and be glad I’m nearer the end than the beginning. But I am. I think it is going to get worse and we are all helpless in the face of a world that isn’t anything like we thought it would be.


      • I’m sure it wasn’t what you had in mind for this time in your life, Marilyn, and it scares me that it’s happening in my lifetime. Like you, I don’t want to watch while the world kills itself, and I worry for the future of my daughter and son and what kind of world they’ll have to live in. Your post makes very sobering reading, but someone needs to speak up and be blunt about what’s going on right now. The softly softly approach hasn’t worked with humanity, and now we’re beginning to pay the price, so it’s time the human race was stunned into action. So well said, my friend, even though it breaks my heart. ❤


        • I’m not sure anything I say — or YOU say — or what anyone says is going to get our governments to do something meaningful. They are all wrapped up in profits from oil, gas, and coal. I guess they figure they won’t live to see what comes next. I keep wondering — don’t THEY have children and grandchildren? Don’t they want a decent world for them or are they so involved in getting rich that nothing else matters?

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          • I’ve had exactly the same thought several times, Marilyn, so I know exactly what you mean. These people must have families too, so I can’t imagine what they’re thinking. It’s almost a denial.


            • I suppose they figure that all the money will protect them. I don’t think any amount of money is going to protect anyone. The storm that is coming is huge, worldwide, and bigger than any fortune.


              • Exactly, nature doesn’t care about money, so it won’t protect them, however much they have. I can sense that approaching storm too.


  2. Oh, that is terrible, Marilyn

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