FOTD – July 25 – Yellow Begonias

It’s a dry, burned out world out there. Hot, sunny. Double up on the hot and triple time the sunny. At least we have the flowers on the deck and of these, the yellow begonias are my favorites. They look like giant yellow roses in their pot in the far corner of the deck and every time I water them, they look more beautiful than ever.

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  1. Gorgeous! I have two small hanging planters of Fuschia and think of you when I look at them or water them. 🙂


    • We lost our dappled sunlight and it’s too sunny for fuchsia now. We’d have to find a spot without so much direct sun. I’m still watering the deck flowers, but the rest of the yard is all burned out. This has been a very long drought. I’ve been living up here for close to 40 years and I don’t remember having so little rain for so long.

      I miss the fuchsias. They were always my favorite flowers.

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  2. So lovely with the raindrops!


    • Sadly, that was from watering them myself. Today, though, we might get real rain. It even looks like it might rain. They keep predicting it, but so far, it has never actually fallen from the sky. We live in more than mere hope. More like desperate need!


  3. Beautiful begonias 😀


  4. wow, these are so bright and lovely !


    • They are lovely and very bright yellow. I have to water them every day, though it might rain today. Alexa has been warning us, but she has done that before and all we got are clouds. We already have clouds. NOW we need actual RAIN. Unfortunately, it looks like the sky is getting brighter, not darker.

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  5. I luuurve begonias. When I was about 10 I remember asking what one was, thinking it was some sort of exotic rose. I was told begonia and it was the first “posh” kind of flower I learned. And I’ve adored them ever since.


  6. They’re beautiful! Especially with the raindrops(?) on them.

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  7. Gorgeous. Prettiest begonias I’ve seen!

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