Worrying as I am about the continuing drought, I ordered more seed. I hope I can at least see our little local flock through this beautiful yet frightening summer. Beautiful because the sun is always shining, yet scary because it hasn’t rained since early May.

I tried to get the contretemps between a Goldfinch and his scarlet cousin, the Cardinal — and one of the Cardinal’s awkward offspring.

We seem to be the only game on this part the road. I know there are a lot of other people feeding birds because the birdseed at Koopman’s disappears in a hurry. It’s a big valley and birds are local. I am doing my best to keep my little flock alive until finally, we get some rain and maybe something begins to grow again.

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  1. Gorgeous little birdies. You’re a great photographer!


  2. Superb photos, Marilyn. They’re clearly appreciating the seed, poor mites. I just hope you get a good downpour very soon so things can look up for all your little visitors. It is heartwarming in a way to hear the seed is selling out quickly in your area, as it does show that even if the powers that be are deluded about the threat facing us and our wildlife, local people do actually care.


    • The state’s meteorological department raised our drought level to critical. Maybe a chance of rain tomorrow, but I’m not holding my breath. I’ve NEVER seen it this dry before. I’m not sure it has ever been this dry in my lifetime. We really really REALLY need rain. I can feed the birds in this woods for a while. But not indefinitely.

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  3. Your pictures are always so lovely, Marilyn. It brings tears to my eyes to think of the birds and little creatures dying of starvation. I am so glad you are feeding them along with others in your neighbourhood.


  4. The goldfinches are really beautiful!


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