FOTD – July 27 – Daylilies

Remembering back to when we had rain, we had lilies. Their blooming time was cut short by the complete absence of rain since the first week in May. I don’t think we’ll lose them. They will come back if the rain comes back. If the rain doesn’t come back, we’ll have bigger problems than losing our daylilies. Let’s just hope for rain. Soon.

Waiting is hard, especially waiting for rain. There is absolutely nothing we can do except wait and try not to worry. It’s hard to not worry as our drought has moved from serious to critical this week.

We drove to the vet’s today and there were a surprising number of very green gardens — right next to signs saying “WATER ALERT! YOU ARE FORBIDDEN TO USE WATER OUTSIDE.” Those gardens were green. They are watering.

It bothers me. Do those people understand they don’t “own” the water? We all use water from the same aquifer. When they use that water, it’s my water too. Do they even understand how an aquifer works? I’m betting they don’t get it.

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  1. Our Daylilies are parched… We don’t water our gardens, but they sure need it this year.


    • Our daylilies up and died. But using water outside is not only forbidden,given the critical water levels, it’s a bad idea. I just hope we some rain to keep the rhizomes from drying out. That way they will come back in the spring — IF we get rain. That’s a big IF. In theory we might get some tomorrow, but so far, even when they are predicting thunderstorms, we haven’t got anything. Anyone who isn’t watering has a brown lawn. Actually, ours is green, but that’s only because Owen won’t cut it until we get rain because at least it’s still green. Very shaggy but not brown. This is a bad year. It’s the longest I remember going without any meaningful rain since I’ve lived up here which is now closing on 40 years. Yikes, where did the time go?


  2. I just took a photo of a (new?) sort of daylilies on our way down to our lake. Giants, well over 2.5m, 8ft+ high and huge flowers. I’ve never seen anything like that.
    The grass around the block we rent our flat is like late autumn leaves. The grass us deep brown and when you walk, it rustles under your feet…. we still may use water though, thankfully and we had twice a tiny bit of 🌧.

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  3. There are too many people living solely for themselves in their own little worlds, and they don’t give a hoot about anyone or anyone else, as long as they’re ok. But it’s a very shortsighted view to take. It’s these kinds of people who are the planetary disease, but in the end nature will turn and bite them as badly as it will the rest of us – hopefully much worse.

    Fantastic pictures of the daylilies. I’ve always loved your pictures of those. Fingers crossed for their swift return, and for that much needed rain.

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    • I actually think many of them don’t even understand how they GET their water and why a ground water doesn’t belong to you just because you have a well. I am sure most of them are sure they “own” the water. Their utter lack of curiosity stagges me. I mean, how hard is it to type “what is an aquifer” or “how does my well work” into Google and hit “enter”? They don’t even have to do any research. I’m pretty sure that all they know is they turn on a faucet and water comes out — and if it doesn’t, call someone. You and I are born researchers, so if we don’t KNOW something, we go looking for an answer. But most people have no interest in anything that isn’t some kind of entertainment. I’m going to do an article on ground water and a bit on aquifers on the theory that someone must be interested in it. I can’t be the only one who wants to know why things work and how.

      The U.S. Army can’t find recruits. They are down about a million recruits this year because half of them are obese and the rest can’t read or write. How pathetic is THAT?

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  4. Beautiful lilies 😀


  5. They don’t care. People are selfish and must be forced to comply or else we all suffer…


    • Considering how bad this drought is, you’d think they’d at least be concerned what happens if the ground water starts to diminish. I have a lot of trouble understanding that level of selfishness. We don’t have any water police. I suppose if no one come by with a badge and a gun, they don’t care. What a shame.

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