Every once in a while I get a bird or a squirrel who acts as if it’s a photo session and he or she is the model. This little soon-to-be mommy Red Squirrel definitely gave me her “best side.” She gave me plenty of time to focus and shoot. My only serious problem with the pictures were that many of them were similar to each other, so it was hard to pick out the best of the bunch.

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  1. So adorable


    • These little red ones are so cute. We have a lot of babies right now and they are TINY, miniatures of their parents. And even their parents aren’t very big. For some reason, we don’t seem to have many gray squirrels locally which is unusual since the grey ones are absolutely the dominant squirrel group. I’m just happy we have them at all! I don’t even mind that they eat most of the food.

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  2. Aw. ❤ My vote would be for the one where she's staring into the camera (either of those) OR the really close up one. Fine photography and a perfect 'model'! Thanks for sharing! 🙂


    • She was a pretty little thing. I think I scared one of her babies this evening. All I did was go out on the deck and he did an hysterical squirrel panic reaction. The babies aren’t used to us yet, but their parents are much less panicked when we show up.


  3. She is a little poser for sure! As to the best shot, for me it’s the one on the left middle, where she’s turning her head to look straight at the camera 😀


  4. Marilyn! I’ve never seen such beautiful images of a squirrel! Seriously, this is National Geographic, or any magazine, worthy! What a beauty. 💛


  5. What a sweet story this is. And you see the little ones!


  6. I love it! We have a family of squirrels that visit our back patio where we put out peanuts for them each morning. Sometimes they even stick around and let me talk to them, though I’ve yet to manage to pet one.


    • Be careful. They have sharp teeth! But sometimes, they decide to be very friendly. The squirrels on Boston Common will come right up to you, wave, do a little dance, and mug for photos — and all for a peanut or two.

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      • Yes, sharp teeth and can carry rabies! I do so enjoy watching them, though … so cute! And our kitties enjoy watching them through the window … funny, they have never yet learned that they cannot get through that pane of glass! The squirrels, however, are well aware that they are safe from the kitties and they put on a show just to torment them! 🤣

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    • Small rodents (like squirrels, hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, chipmunks, rats, and mice) and lagomorphs (including rabbits and hares) are almost never found to be infected with rabies and have not been known to transmit rabies to humans. (According to our local wildlife authority)


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