CMMC – July – Letter “L” at the end of the word

All ending with an “L”

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  1. Stunning photos. I putz with a little photography, but nothing like yours.


  2. Oh what marvelous photos for this week. Simply stunning. I would not have thought of “Fall”. The US is about the only country that uses Fall rather than Autumn. So I’ve gotten used to Autumn. 😀 😀


    • Thanks, Sadje. Since I didn’t have any way to search for “pictures of things ending in L,” I just kept scrolling until I thought I had found enough. I hope you are feeling better.

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      • You’re welcome! Yes, much better. Just waiting for the next stage in recovery, to walk on both feet instead of hopping on one. Just a few more days to go. Thanks


        • I’m glad you pulling yourself together. At least these more recent “strains” don’t seem to be as deadly as the earlier ones — or maybe we have all be vaccinated and that helps. It’s just been such a long grind waiting for it to go away. I think we all have to wonder if it really will go away or it will be like the flu which is what is leftover from the 1919 Flu epidemic — the OTHER COVID epidemic.

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