The Changing Season, July 2022 SERENDIPITY Seeking Intelligent Life On Earth

Remarkably we have somehow avoided getting COVID. Maybe it was all those vaccinations. Both Garry and I have each had four. Owen needs a booster and I hope he gets one soon, before he brings COVID home with him.

What we did not avoid this July was Earth’s changing climate. I think no one — Democrat, Republican, right or left — believes the world is doing fine. Behind closed doors, every Republican is worried. Why they have been unwilling to deal with it, I don’t know. But now, people are dying. You couldn’t miss that North America has been cooking since June. We aren’t the only ones who have been cooking, though at least in Europe, the heat subsided.

Not here. It has been blazing hot. It has also been very dry. We didn’t get so much as half an inch of rain in the entire month of July. Meanwhile in Kentucky, floods have killed hundreds. What a pity we can’t take some of their water. They could use some of our dry and we could use some of their wet. The earth is cooking. If rain falls, it’s a flood. Otherwise, it’s dry, hot, and hotter.

There has been some progress is addressing climate change. I’m glad there is something similar to progress. It’s long overdue. Sadly, it won’t do the one thing we most need: it will not bring rain. Or make rain stop where it’s flooding. We waited too long. It will take time before we see change. Meanwhile we are in a frightening pattern of erratic weather, super hot days, drought, and flood. It’s bad and will get worse before it begins to inch its way back (we hope) to something better.

I didn’t take a lot of pictures this month. It has been too hot to go out most of the time. Even the half hour I spend every morning on the deck feeding the creatures and watering our five still living pots of plants on the deck feels like too much.

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  1. So glad to hear that Garry & you have both avoided The Big C so far; hope it stays that way! We are so not keen to catch it again – as we are not sure how we could have gotten it with our tight shielding, we remain vigilant and still exercise caution & restraint.

    I hear you on the climate change – we’ve received news from all over the world about the crazy weather. I, too, am not sure how folks think it’s a conspiracy theory, or a figment of overactive imaginations. Ah well, we do what we can given the weather we encounter. Stay well, stay safe.


    • I’m astonished we have NOT gotten it. My son works with the public and lives here, but I suppose maybe it is because we live in a lightly populated area and have never been as heavily infected as areas closer to Boston. I’m incredibly grateful we didn’t get it. I have enough trouble breathing now. I can’t even imagine how bad COVID would have made it.

      I do hope you are getting better. Some people take a long time to recover and I hope you and yours are not among them.


      • My parents, too, are very surprised they have not gotten it as well as they do occasionally dine out, take public transport, socialise mask off with friends and have already been on a trip. They are hoping they have natural immunity.

        Yes, I remember you have health issues: here’s hoping that you remain clear!

        Thank you for your well-wishes. We are just about all better!


  2. Truly amazing photos, Marilyn. The weather situation is like the elephant in the room along with the economy, Covid and Monkey Pox. We’re fully vaccinated and have avoided Covid so far, but we still wear masks and avoid most indoor activities in favor of outdoor ones. It’s definitely not as much fun, but we’re used to being pretty boring. 🙂


  3. Beautiful shots of your flowers and visiting creatures. I hope you get relief from that heat soon. It is still hot here in London but ‘normal’ hot, that is high 20s C (30 forecast later this week), not topping 40 as it did a week or so back. But like you we have a bad drought – around just 7% of average rainfall fell in southern England last month and in a few places none at all.


    • The drought is very worrisome. We had a cloudburst this morning. It didn’t amount to much, but anything is better than nothing. With a little luck, we’ll get more around the end of the week. But they’ve said that before and it’s has been really REALLY dry. Not a drop in two months. This is the longest I remember being without any rain.



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