Last on the Card – July 2022

I haven’t taken as many pictures this month as usual. For one thing, it has been awfully hot, for two, awfully dry and for three, I’m on a bunch of new medications which are curing one thing and making something else worse. You just can’t win sometimes.

Not a huge difference. The processed image is sharper with more color depth & less noise. OMD EM-5 Original using 60mm Olympus Macro lens
One fledgling Cardinal. I think female, but definitely fledgeling. You can still see pinfeathers. OMD-EM1 M2 Panasonic 100-300 lens. I think it’s a female from the coloring, but it could be a young male whose full coloring hasn’t come in yet.

I decided to show the unprocessed and processed versions this time, just so you can see the difference. There’s a lot more difference on one photo than on the other.

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  1. Love the duality of the photos here — the contrast between original and edited is striking!

    Off topic — but I just heard that Vin Scully (the voice of the Dodgers) died today — age 94!


  2. I am glad you showed the originals Marilyn. The comparison using the slider is so good. Thanks for joining in 🙂 🙂
    PS Hope you feel better soon


  3. It’s really interesting to see the difference in the processing, Marilyn, seeing as I don’t know much about that at all. I should do though. When I was sixteen I did an O Level grade in photography, but back then it was all film and dark room work. Fascinating, and I loved it, but I’ve never progressed in processing. I like digital photography though – you don’t have to put up with random accidental photos of the ceiling and people’s feet among your finished results! 😀

    Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with meds, and hope it all gets sorted out soon. Any sign of rain yet? We’re having a very dry and weird summer too, and I was only thinking of you today as I commented on how our lawn isn’t growing and we’re struggling to find butterflies to log in the national Big Butterfly Count we’re taking part in this year. It is very worrying indeed.


    • I started out with film and darkroom work too.

      Now, I use Photoshop, not because I want to use it but because I can’t find anything else that does a good job without screwing up the photographs. I also use a pair of filter from Topaz Labs — two of them: AI Denoise and AI Sharpen. Denoise removes graininess from shooting in low light, or with a not-so-great lens (travel cameras especially tend to produce grainy (noisy) pictures, or if you do a lot of cropping. Sharpen gets used on almost everything and it makes a huge difference. Even when I think I don’t need it any sharper, I’m always surprised at what a difference the filters make. They don’t require any skill at all. You just choose the photo, click, and wait. The results are significant.

      Topaz is coming out soon with a new filter, AI Photo which supposedly will do with a single filter what now you need two filters to do.

      I learn as I go, usually by taking advice from other photographers. I ask and most photogs are more than willing to share. We’re lucky that processing is SO much easier and less expensive than it was. I loved the darkroom, but it was smelly and costly. Between the chemicals and the paper, you had to be very selective about pictures. Now you do it all on a computer. No chemicals, no paper. IF I need to print on paper to actually frame a picture, I send them out to online companies. I tried local places, but the online ones are better, cheaper and higher quality.

      I’m always willing to help. I know what I need to know. There’s much more I don’t know but we don’t need to know everything.

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      • It’s such a vast subject now I think it’d take many decades to learn it all, but you’re an expert to me. 🙂


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