One-to-three Photo Processing Challenge

I’ve been working on a batch of pictures I took yesterday and this morning of the birds and baby squirrels. So, I picked two good photos of a Red-Bellied Woodpecker and tried it in other formats. I like it best unaltered, but otherwise? I like the graphic pen sketch and the version that looks like its printed on canvas. You are welcome to tell me what you think.

Naturally a woodpecker
Another natural woodpecker. Look how he uses his tail to balance his body against the feeder. Cool, eh?

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  1. Oh, what a beauty! They each have such unique looks. My favorites are the canvas and diffused glow! The balancing with the tail is amazing indeed!


    • Apparently Woodpeckers have balance issues and they like having tail support. Lacking support, the tail becomes its OWN support. Birds are really fascinating. They learn and each one is unique.

      I really like canvans, as least partly because I’ve had photographs printed on canvas and they look amazing.

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      • Thank you, Marilyn, for helping me learn more about birds. I’ve always loved them and the music they create. At nature centers, when my sons were little, we’d watch birds. I remember teaching about birds at the 2nd grade level. You and another photographer I follow have really captured that which I’ve only seen far away or in computer images, books, etc…there’s something about “capturing” them in their day to day doing their thing that’s so fascinating!


  2. I like the canvas one for the first photo and the diffused glow for the second one.


    • The diffused glow isn’t bad either. I tried out a LOT of variations before settling on these six. I wanted to be able to see the detail of the bird’s feathers and I wanted a pattern that was neither burning too brightly or too dark — and that eliminated a lot of choices. All six were winners, so none of them are bad. I love the canvas texture because I actually have a couple of pictures I had printed on real canvas and they look like paintings. And the sketch is interesting. A bit darker than I’d like, but interesting and very sketchlike.

      All these are fun to play with and mostly, when I really use them, it’s to disguise problem of the original photos — like blurriness or being slightly out of focus, too bright or too dark. If the picture is good on its own, it tends to get published au naturale. But this stuff can be a lot of fun if you get just the right image. These weren’t the best images for this kind of test. Something with more contrast and less color would have been a better choice. Urban landscapes can look amazing with special effects.

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  3. I like the same ones you like, but I also like the Diffused Glow. Those white feathers look like fluff!


    • Those feathers really DO look like fluff. I included the diffused glow because it emphasized that fluffiness which tends to get lost when a photo is sharpened. But this was a young bird. He still had some visible pinfeathers showing, so he had to be just past learning to fly. They grow from nest to breeding age so incredibly fast — just a few weeks.

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