Fandango’s Provocative Question #176

Poor Fandango. I think he’s having a bad week, possibly a bad year or six because this week’s question is — are you ready?

What will your last day on Earth be like?

Seriously? I’m sure I’ll be sick, in pain, full of whatever medication they are pumping into me unless I’m really lucky and drop dead of an instantly fatal stroke. Will it be the end of Planet Earth? Unless I live a lot longer than I expect, I figure Earth will still be poaching in it’s own boiling water. However, my last day will be the end of MY version of Earth.

I’m pretty sure the world will be around for a while, even if we aren’t. How long will that be? Well, it depends on a lot of things including getting a functioning version of dealing with climate control through our humorously-so-called “congress.”

Occasionally things work out. If they don’t? We’ll be dead. Cremated, with our ashes scattered. I take a certain amount of comfort from that.

I’m not dead yet nor is Garry. I’ve lost all of my older aunts, uncles, and a few cousins as well as many friends during the past few years. A couple of them just keeled over and died with nary a word spoken. I like that option.

Otherwise? It’ll be what it will be. There are lots of things I can’t control and that has got to be the biggest, baddest thing that is completely out of my control.

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11 replies

  1. We have no idea when or how. We just pray that it will be gentle.


  2. You’re absolutely right that no one can say how or when we’ll die. A luck of draw I suppose


  3. Your right. It’s out of our control. I just hope that my last day will be peaceful, painless, and, at the end, quick.


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