CBWC: Busy Photos but with a Purpose

In each photograph, there is a purpose from making music to cutting corn.

Black & White

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  1. I love “industrial” photos…
    I remember the days when professional photographers were needed to snap the kind of pictures anyone could take on a phone nowadays. It’s amazing how much better modern cameras are than the ones people used to use for holiday snaps, etc…!


    • I don’t use my phone as a camera usually, but sometimes it is the only one I’ve got. I have trouble controlling it. I’m used to cameras and their controls.

      These days, even relatively inexpensive cameras can do things that only the most advanced cameras did when we were kids. It has made it easier, cheaper, and more fun to be a photographer. Not having to take film for development was a HUGE improvement.


  2. I love the snow photo and the fence in it 😀 Great response so this challenge 😀


  3. Nice photos. I’ve always felt black and white were more artistic for some reason


    • It is, depending on the subject. I don’t like flowers in black & white, but architecture or anything from a town or city usually looks great in black & white. Cityscapes in particular. Also “headshots” for professional portraits.

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