For a while I have been wondering why I take pictures but can’t find them. Well, it turned out that I had a 64 GB card in the secondary drive of my camera and there were thousands of pictures on it — all in RAW format. Which I don’t use.

It took me all day to download the pictures and put them in a semblance of order. Real order will take a lot longer and just changing all of these into jpgs is going to take time. The card’s pictures went back all the way back to early December 2021.

I started by deleting all the pictures missing a subject — like a bird, for example. That barely tweeked the volume. When I say a lot of pictures? More than 3000 pictures. Huge pictures. In RAW format, each photo is more than twice the size of an equivalent jpg. It’s why I don’t work in raw. Don’t regale me with reasons why I should. I don’t and won’t. I respect the size of my computer’s hard drive. I also respect my time and energy.

I was just glad I finally proved to I wasn’t crazy. I did take those pictures, but they were on the secondary drive of my camera. Phew. I really though I was losing it.

The OMD EM-1 M2 has two drives. I’ve never figured out what I am supposed to do with the other one and I think by default it backs up everything with a copy in RAW. But there were many pictures on the card I’ve never seen. Probably, at some point, I was unknowingly using the second card. Yeah, that sounds like me.

If I don’t take another photograph for the whole next year, I’ve got more than enough photographs to work with. Of course, they are almost all birds. Lots and lots and LOTS of birds. Here are a some of the many missing pictures of grackles from their visit which lasted from December 2021 until the end of March 2022 including all those missing photographs.

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  2. The detail and color on the back of the bird is so beautiful. I’m glad you found more photos, but yikes! That’s a bunch of photos!


    • It took me half a day just putting them into folders. I had to create folders and decide which went where, which I’m not good at anyway. I get tired just looking at all those pictures, so I’m dealing with them a few at a time. I have the biggest volume of grackles. I hadn’t realized how long the grackles stayed — nearly five months! Despite that, I hope they come back. They are beautiful and their colors change with the light.

      I had to create five separate folders just for the grackles. They were here from late autumn through the entire winter, blizzards and all, and then into the spring after which they moved on. They must have a nesting place somewhere.

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  3. They are pretty aren’t they?


    • I think they are amazing. The colors change depending on the light. The only issue I have with them is that they always come in a big flock and as long as they are here, there’s no room for other birds. They crowd everything, even the trees. They aren’t aggressive, but they are persistent. Until one day, they are gone.


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